Cameroon:Vice Chancellor of Univeristy of Buea DR. Nalova’s passport seized

Vice Chancellor of UB ,DR. Nalova Lyonga is getting reports that the passport of the vice chancellor of the University of Buea Dr. Nalova Lyonga has been seized by frontier police at the Nsimalen international Yesterday as she  was trying to flee to the USA and  she is now under police custody.

Though this publication can not confirm the news,a source has hinted the reasons for the seizure could be related to the current Anglophone crisis and particularly police brutality on students of University of Buea.

Recall that the Vice-Chancellor was accused of personally inviting police in to the university campus to battered ,raped and molested UB students who were protesting peacefully over the presidential grant allocation.

Nalova told the press after the peaceful protest turn violent in Buea that the entire riot was incited by some authorities which will in the days to come, face the arm of the law.

Adding that the payment of the presidential grant to meritorious students witnessed a halt because of some complications from the level of the Ministry of Higher education.

On what becomes of the over 200 UB students who were arrested during the strike ,reportedly tortured in Limbe, Nalova Lyonga refused to answer the question asking one of her deputies Prof Fonkeng Epah George to comment on her behalf.

Vice chancellor noted that all those arrested if found guilty, should get ready to face the arms of the law. latter gathered the students were taken to  SONARA military base in Limbe where  press reported they were tortured.

By Zum Bertha

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