Cameroon : SCDP to construct a petroleum depot in Bakassi

Reports says Cameroon Oil Deposit Corporation (SCDP) is to construct a  petroleum depot in  Bakassi peninsula, Ndian division of the South west region.

The project which according to sources falls in line with government policy of trying to invest in  the Peninsula has been boosted by decision authorizing the SCDP to consider the construction of a 15,000 m3  storage facility in the locality .

If  this plan is realised,this storage unit will  be the third largest in the country, after the Yaoundé  and Douala .Both of which don’t have any iota of crude  oil underneath their soils.


The project to build a petroleum  depot in Bakassi is expected to fetch about 5,000 jobs in the area.Locals say Francophones  have already started flooding the area with hopes of getting employment once the project is established.

There already talks of the depot becoming second in the zone after the Pamol .by Anja Terence for

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