Cameroun:Biya attempted arrest of Supreme Court Advocate General

Advocate General of the Supreme Court,Justice Ayah Paul


Hon.Justice Paul Ayah Abine who was apointed by President Paul Biya in a presidential decree on Thursday 18 December 2014 as Advocate General of the Supreme Court of Cameroon, was told Thursday January, 2017 to appear before a colonel at the gendarmerie (SED) in Yaounde at once or get arrested by a team of gendarme officers led by a Colonel from SED.

The advocate General  quoted the law – Section 629 of the Penal Code which stipulates the process involved in questioning a judge of his status. After 90 minutes of phone calls to their boss, they backed out. They have asked him to report to SED, Yaounde Friday at 11:00 AM.
Copy of Section 629 of the Cameroon Criminal Procedure Code copy attached


Below is a statement the Magistrate posted on his Facebook page yesterday January 19, 2017.

“January 19, 2017


A worker of the Supreme Court rushed into the office some 90 minutes ago to inform Ayah Paul Abine that some persons were asking to know the location of his residence. The man said he had replied that Ayah was either in a hotel or at Buea… The informant had hardly finished talking when two persons smashed into Ayah’s office. They required Ayah to sign that he had received a summons (“convocation”) to appear before a colonel at the gendarmerie (SED) at once or get arrested…








Ayah told them that, by law, he could only be served through his departmental head. After lengthy exchanges, including telephone calls by the persons in question, it was settled that Ayah would report to the gendarmerie tomorrow, January 20 at 11 AM. But when the colonel explained that Ayah would have to make a statement, Ayah explained that he would report only by way of courtesy, and not to answer to accusation. So it is because, Ayah explained, any investigation about or against him as a serving magistrate must comply with Section 629 of the Criminal Procedure Code…

Just for information… Affaire a suivre…!”
President Paul Biya has embarked on a mission to bring behind bars all strong anglophone voices of opposition.After the arrests of Consortium leaders and Coffin revolution leader Mancho BBC, his agents attempted an arrest on opposition leader and Deputy Attorney General at the Supreme Court of Cameroon Ayah Paul.

Meanwhile, AYAH Paul’s closest aid- AKOSON A. Raymond too is on the run.Akoson A. Raymond – In an undisclosed location

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