Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has taken note of the recent statements by the President of the Confederation of African Football,  during a press conference held in Burkina Faso, that “in the current state of Things, in Cameroon is unable to host the African Cup of Nations football. “

FECAFOOT is deeply concerned by the fact that these remarks are made even before the first CAF inspection mission, scheduled for 20 to 28 August 2017, made its trip to Cameroon.

One would justifiably question the advisability of this inspection visit because the results seem to have already been decided at the highest level of the CAF.FECAFOOT is even more concerned that these statements by the President of CAF are not in line with reality on the ground.

Indeed, Cameroon recently organized, with undeniable success, the female Africa Cup of Nations 2016. This competition took place without any hitch in Yaoundé-Mfandena and Buéa / Limbe, which have Were also selected to host the men’s CAN 2019.

It is worth recalling that the excellent organization of this women’s CAN has earned Cameroon, in addition to a letter of congratulations from CAF, the “Coup de Coeur du Jury” April 2017 in Cannes during the Heavent Awards, a ceremony which rewards the best event performances around the world.

Concerning CAN 2019, FECAFOOT wishes to recall that Cameroon, on the basis of the specifications agreed with CAF, launched a vast program of construction and rehabilitation of its sports infrastructures, valued at hundreds of billions Of CFA francs.

To this end, Cameroon has benefited from substantial financial support from friendly countries,  notably :
Italy, for the construction by PICCINI of the sports complex of Olembé, which includes, in particular, a covered 60,000 seater stadium and two other training grounds, various sports facilities and a four-star hotel with seventy rooms;
Turkey, for the construction by YENIGUN of the Japoma sports complex, which includes a 50,000-seater stadium and two training grounds , various sports facilities and accommodation facilities for seventy rooms;
Canada for the rehabilitation of SODEVI, the Reunification Stadium and a stadium, as well as four training grounds in Bafoussam;
France, for the rehabilitation, Stadiums of Mbappe Lepe and Bonamoussadi;by the ALCOR company.
the United Kingdom, for the rehabilitation of the Stade Roumde Adjia de Garoua, and the construction of an annex stadium and a four-star hotel with seventy rooms;by MOTA ENGIL.
– the United States of America, for the rehabilitation, of ​​four training stages, the Hotel La Bénoué and the construction of a four-star hotel of seventy rooms;by the company PRIME POTOMAC,
China, for the already effective construction of the Stadiums Omnisports of Limbé and Bafoussam, approved by the CAF.
FECAFOOT can also boast, in addition to the support of these friendly countries and partner companies, of the Cameroonian people’s full support for the proposed organization of CAN 2019.

It is difficult, after the above-mentioned remarks by the CAF President, not to pay attention to persistent rumors about the existence of a conspiracy to withdraw the organization of CAN 2019 in favor of another CAN Country:
– it is particularly worrying that it has been decided that the recent reforms made in the organization of the African Football Cup, apply immediately to CAN 2019. Such a situation, which unilaterally Cause the specifications previously concluded between Cameroon and CAF, amounts to a change of the rules of the game during the game.

However, by law changes in the conduct of a competition do not apply to the host country organizing immediately after their adoption. For example, the decision by the FIFA Council to change the format of the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams will not apply to Russia in 2018 or Qatar in 2022;
– it is also worrying that the date of the first CAF inspection mission was unilaterally changed from September to August 2017 without notice;
– where more than two years before a competition , a campaign of intoxication and disinformation has already begun  that Cameroon will not be ready in spite of the efforts on the ground and assurances of the Government of Cameroon.
FECAFOOT wishes to reiterate that, after the election of President AHMAD AHMAD, it assured him of its readiness to work constructively with him for the development of African football.

FECAFOOT continues to hope that during his term of office the CAF President will be keen to work for the benefit of all African countries and not against some of them. FECAFOOT will now observe with even more vigilance the actions and initiatives of the umbrella of African football in relation to the organization of CAN 2019.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned curiosities, FECAFOOT will welcome with a constructive spirit all CAF inspection visits. FECAFOOT, with the full support of the Government and the Cameroonian people, solemnly reaffirms that Cameroon will be ready for the organization of CAN 2019.

In this regard, FECAFOOT intends to implement, together with the CAF, Organize this great and beautiful  pan African football festival which will take place in 2019 in Cameroon, Africa in miniature./

– Yaounde,

7 August 2017

The President of the Federation Cameroon Football TOMBI A Tombi Roko

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