Canada refused to renew the visas of some diplomats.

 Canadian government has assumes the right not to renew the accreditation of diplomats.Ottawa from experience has noticed that most countries diplomats wants to keep serving in the Canadian capital for years and years.Though these diplomats have broken no laws,and  have complied with the rules during their stay in Canada,they are shown the exit because the federal government thinks they are in the country for too long.African countries are particularly affected, according to a diplomatic source that requested anonymity because the issue is too sensitive. She cites the embassies of Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Togo, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.there is however confirmation that Cameroonian and Ivorian diplomats have been forced to pack up and their visas have not been This new approach by the Canadian government has created anxiety and frustration. While others see it as interference in
their affairs by “Canada imposing on other countries to rotate their diplomatic staff” most especially because Canada does never specify a maximum stay limit for diplomats. “ has confirmed that Ottawa has a clear procedure for the renewal of diplomatic accreditation, but does not mention any limit on the number of years of service to Canada. reads:”The Ministry noted that the vast majority of sending States deploys employees on assignment in Canada for periods of two to five years. In this regard, the Department will continue granting accreditation to bilateral diplomats, members of their administrative and technical staff and members of the service staff, based on the principle that they are swapped regularly and that no is deployed for extended periods of time or indefinitely. In the case of foreign officials whose assignment is extended beyond the notional period of five years and, for clarity, the Department may apply for confirmation
of the extension of the assignment by sending a note directly to Foreign Ministry of the sending State. “In fact, many countries keep diplomats intermediate ranks for several years because rotating is expensive and overtime, these employees develop expertise they need. This is quit common with developing countries. But the missions cannot predict who will reappointed or not, even when the procedure is followed to the letter, which is a problem for poorer countries.  Above all, A diplomat serving in Canada for over 10 years has to provide the date of departure and number of its flight once the Canadian government refuses to renew their mandate.

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