Canada:Protest in Calgary against oppression in Cameroon

Protesters gathered at Calgary City Hall on Monday to protest oppression in the central African nation of Cameroon.
They say the minority English-speaking population of the country is being oppressed by the French-speaking majority, claiming the government has killed young people and students during peaceful marches.




The march in Calgary was held to draw attention to the issue and demand support for independence for English-speaking people in southern Cameroon.
“We want the people of Calgary to know that we are suffering back in Cameroon , they are killing the English-speaking Cameroonians, they are raping them, the military, the French Cameroon, are raping them and they are invading us,” said Che Napoleon, one of the protestors.
Similar protests and marches by Anglophone Cameroonians were held in cities around the world on Monday.

Source:ctv News

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