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The Chairman of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and Vice President of the African Bar Association, Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho have told a sea of Francophone army generals and judges from the military tribunal in Yaoundé that the international community will not turn Read on » » »

Humanitarian & Health Staff of W. Cameroon Origin in N. America & Europe heading to The Hague

Press Release Dated: 01/19/2017 Mindful of the need for every West Cameroonian to contribute towards this struggle in Cameroon especially after the arrest of the West Cameroon Consortium President and Secretary Dr. Agbor Balla Nkongho and Dr. Neba Fontem, couple with todays arrest of Read on » » »

Cameeoon:How Agbor Nkongho Felix, Dr. Fontem Neba were arrested!

Agbor Nkongho Felix, A close friend and source that participated in the game plan that got Consortium leaders in La Republique’s dragnet explains: – Agbor Nkongho had been tipped off about the arrest; – He hurrily drives to Dr. Fontem’s home early yesterday evening Read on » » »

Southern Cameroons :”Elect your new own Government NOW”-Christoph Messner

  Christoph Messner DEAR AMBAZONIANS, The ghost town strikes are a wonderful and effective way of resistance against an illegitimate occupation army which may not be much longer loyal to such a senile, untrustworthy embezzler like Mr. Biya. Even France will drop him soon Read on » » »

Hundreds Of Ancient Egyptian Coffins To Be “Restored”

  Foreigners have a history of lightening the skin coulour depicted on ancient Egyptian artifacts.  Egypt will restore hundreds of coffins dating back thousands of years to the time of the pharaohs as part of an American-Egyptian project to preserve and document one of Read on » » »

Cameroon: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death,but life without purpose”

Southern Cameroons flag My fellow youths of greater ambition, Has this wicked Biya-led regime succeeded to make us insensitive towards our own needs? Do we not suffer thesame injustices as Anglophone Youths of West Cameroon origin? Then, why do we not join the movement Read on » » »

Cameroon:Tension in Buea as Barrister Agbor Nkongho & Dr. Fontem Neba ferried to unknown destination

Report says Buea is in chaos over the arrest of Barrister Nkongho and Dr. Fontem this evening in Buea. Lawyers are said to staged a walk to the GMI  where they were being detained, while the civil society is blocking all exists from the Read on » » »

Scientists Looked At The DNA Of These Pacific Islanders, And Were Stunned At What They Found

The Melanesian people probably never thought they’d be so crucial to our understanding of humanity’s origins. But when a group of scientists decided to look closer into the DNA of the remote Pacific islanders, they made a startling discovery. And it’s one that could Read on » » »

A Last Gift To White Supremacy: Obama Extends Sanctions On President Mugabe

  Obama has proven to be an ignorant tool when it comes to African affairs. As a parting gift to white supremacy, outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama put beyond any doubt his abhorrence for President Robert Mugabe’s government last Friday when his outgoing administration Read on » » »

Read Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech In Full

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a remarkable man who valued equality, justice and love. Each year, as we celebrate MLK Day and reflect on his iconic legacy, let us be reminded of his relentless fight and profound dream to have all men Read on » » »

CAMEROON: Chinese company (CPP) to start pipeline construction from Limbe to Douala in January 2017

Photo credit journalduCameroon Chinese Petroleum company  (CPP) is to start pipeline construction from Limbe (Victoria) to Douala this January 2017, a distance of 110km according to a report by Journal Du Cameroun Posted on 30/12/2015. A Construction contract for the said job was signed Read on » » »

These 8 Men Have As Much Money As Half The World

  Just eight super-rich men hold the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, according to an analysis from the charity Oxfam released Sunday night.   Six of these billionaires, from Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people, are Read on » » »

German Citizen C.H. Messner Tells West Cameroonians Victory is Close

Mr. Christoph Hans Messner,a German who is involved in the German resistance against the wrong way of New World Order,  has a strong interest in the fight for Ambazonia and has told  Southern Cameroonians that the current strikes in West Cameroon must continue. In Read on » » »

BREAKING NEWS!!! A Giant Step in the Independence Struggle of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)

As the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon discusses the restoration of The Independence of Southern Cameroons / self-determination with a Traditional Authority from Southern Cameroons, in the UN Head Quarter in New York. The United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki Read on » » »

Cameroon-Kumbo: Early photos of the Second Rise of Wirba ,Mancho Bibixy featuring

              Videos: Please follow and like us:0 Read on » » »

The African King who Governs his People via Skype from Germany

Interestingly, King Bansah was named successor to the crown in 1987, when his grandfather – the reigning king; died.  Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah (King Bansah) of the Hohoe, is a real African king who doesn’t believe in old-fashioned methods of governance. He prefers Read on » » »

USA:Trump and the Republicans Have Already Begun to Dismantle Obama’s Legacy

President-elect Donald Trump. Photo by AP/LM Otero. While many progressives and others are either still in shock about the presidential election results or still arguing with Trump supporters (or other progressives) about what went wrong during the election, Trump and the Republican Congress are Read on » » »

USA:Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Slams Reports of Infighting Among Siblings Over Estate

Muhammad Ali poses with his children. (HanaAli/Instagram) Since boxing legend Muhammad Ali died last June, reports have surfaced alleging his nine surviving children are fighting over their inheritance after it was reported Ali’s widow was due to receive double their amount. But one of Read on » » »

Southern Cameroons: Timber protest rocks Nguti

The people of Nguti Sub division in Meme have upgraded the Southern Cameroons strike action plan into another level. Reports say the inhabitants have blocked all roads leading to the forest were timber is being exploited and taken to Nguti town for processing and Read on » » »

Cameroon -Anglophone crisis :Mayor of Mamfe sentenced to Death

Mayor of Mamfe, Ayuk Takunchung The mayor of Mamfe, Ayuk Takunchung has been sentenced to death by the entire population of Mamfe town. Reports from Mamfe reveal that he’d, earlier this morning rallied market men and women, motor park boys to persuade them to Read on » » »