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Why human men don’t have penis bones

British researchers think they’re closer to an answer to why human males don’t have penis bones, even though their close cousins, chimpanzees, have them. “Monogamy may have done away with the penis bone,” said Matilda Brindle of University College London, who led the study Read on » » »

Dr. Robert Gallo- We Were Forced To Create HIV Virus As a Secret Weapon To Wipe Out The African Race

Dr. Robert Gallo has finally revealed how he and others were forced to create HIV virus as a secret weapon to wipe out Africans A site run by a friendly and reasonably honest woman I know recently reposted a text titled “The Man Who Read on » » »

Cameroon: Esu on Alert following Nexttel’s announcement of free treatment to villagers

  Informatio reaching just after church services in Esu this Sunday 13th of November, 2016 says an  announcement  was made  without visa from the District Medical Officer in Wum that Alhaji Baba Amadou Danpullo’s Nexttel company will offer free consultations and treatments to Read on » » »

If You See These 9 Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately!!!

   Fever: If you have practiced unprotected $ex, watch out for fevers as a symptom of HIV. Early after being infected by HIV, you may experience flu like symptoms. This can include a low grade fever that does not respond to medication. You may Read on » » »

Ghanian University Develops Device To Detect Breast Cancer

  Breast-I The Department of Chemical Pathology of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has developed a breast cancer detection device for women in Africa. The device known as “Breast Eye” is able to detect suspicious breast lumps in women and give accurate results Read on » » »

Africans Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Europeans – Thanks To Neanderthals

  All non-Africans are Neanderthal descended.  It’s well known that people from different parts of the world vary in their susceptibility to developing infections and diseases. But two new studies show these differences are genetic and can be traced back all the way to Read on » » »

Cameroon :Ndu Council introduce mobile urinary to improve public sanitation

mobile urinary photo credit SFR Ndu Council has provided Mobile public Urinals at strategic points along Ndu commercial avenue and motor park a measure understands is to improve public sanitation . Following this  new introduction  Savannah Frontier radio says sensitisation is ongoing on radio Read on » » »

WHO: Cameroon ranked 171st out of 188 countries providing better health care – report

president Biya of Cameroon ,in power for 34 years Cameroon is ranked at the bottom of a report of the countries offering better health conditions published recently by the global burden of disease assessed by the World health organisation (WHO). The country occupies  171th Read on » » »

Cameroon :Medic Dismisses Link Between Blindness and Garri

Dr Zachs Ebongo, Director Kumba District Hospital The Director of Kumba District Hospital, Dr Zachs Ebongo Nanje, has dismissed the notion that garri consumption causes blindness. The Ophthalmologist made the clarification to reporters at the end of a two-day back- to- school free eye Read on » » »

A breakdown of mental disorders in Africa by DR. Nguh Santos

  Titled ‘My gift to Africa’,Cameroonian born Dr.Nick N Santos CEO of the Association for Psychological & Psychiatric Services for Cameroon(Appscam)from California in the USA has proposed ten points aimed at sewing a good Health Management regime in Africa. The pan – Africanist on Read on » » »

Dr. Nicolas Santos’ Mental health managn’t suggestions wins Africaonline Radio Award

Africa OnlineRadio ,a platform for informed topics and solutions about Africa’s problems ,on last Sunday’s weekly program conducted from Washington Dc  by veteran Cameroonian Journalists Divine Nchamukong & Asonglefac Nkemleke  have  announced winners of last Sundays competition on about some of Africa’s problems and  and solutions on the Read on » » »

Cameroon:Nurses’ Association President Faces Impeachment For Unmasking Corruption

Catherine Arrey Takor, President of the Association of the Professions of Nurse, Midwife and Health Technician, will she survive the impeachment plotCatherine Arrey Takor, National President of the Association of the Professions of Nurse, Midwife and Health Technician, is currently facing threats of impeachment Read on » » »

Cameroon :Personels of Yaoundé Teaching Hospital strike against months unpaid salaries

Salary debts and primes should be paid for previous years.  No salaries for three months and lack of consistency even when they pay salaries. It becomes difficult for workers to plan their life especially as school resumes Primes (“Quote Part”) as it is called Read on » » »

UN Admits To Starting Cholera Epidemic In Haiti

UN Admits To Starting Cholera Epidemic In Haiti Tens of thousands of Haitians have died because of the UN. The United Nations acknowledged on Thursday that it played a role in the 2010 Haiti cholera outbreak that has killed nearly 10,000 Haitians and infected Read on » » »

ZIJA International launches its Natural Health Revolution in Cameroon: An Eye Opener to Health and Wellness

Today, our World faces one of the biggest challenges ever-the World food crises that is negatively affecting our health and overall wellbeing. The food chain no longer contains all the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. This food crisis has led to Read on » » »

Cameroon:Woman Delivers After 2-Year Pregnancy

A 30-year-old girl, Saturday August 6, delivered a baby boy weighing four kg, after 21 months of pregnancy. Georgiana Kindzeka, who hails from Jakiri, Bui Division in the Northwest Region, had been barren for eight years. Georgina holding her new baby“December 2014 was a Read on » » »

Cameroon:Authorities in Bamenda destroy 920 cartons of drugs worth over 118 million FCFCA

Photo for illustration purpose only Authorities in Bamenda destroy 920 cartons of drugs labelled not good for consumption. The inspector general at the Northwest Governor ‘s office Ivo Charles Makoge, supervised the distruction proces which took place in the presence of Mr. Fon Matilda Read on » » »

Cameroon-Mental health :Appscam issues a statement

Appscam is researching on a pathological addictive disorder that has been ignored for solong, inspite of the fact that its impact on individuals, societies and nation’s has been devastating. It is none other than the so-called Gambling Disorder. We refer to it in Cameroon Read on » » »

Cameroon:Chracerh delivers its first test-tube babies

Recently, the endoscopic surgery and human reproduction research and application centre (Chracerh) helped three Cameroonian couples to each have a baby, after several years of unsuccessful attempts. The three women who each had a cesarean section, after an artificial insemination nine months ago, were Read on » » »


Minister mama fouda,conjoint twins (Davis and Darly)and fammily before depature for Tunisia for surgry The pupolation of Ndu in Donga Matung – Divsion of the Northwest region, got up this morning with a shocking news of another death of the 2nd conjunct twins.David died Read on » » »