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Foley Hoag’s International Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group, which includes more than 30 highly experienced international litigators,the law firm charged with the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons has written a letter to the Anglophone Consortium. In the letter dated 23 of march Read on » » »

Cameroon-Endangered species :Bar. Akere Accused of ‘Intellectual implication’ in the Anglophone crisis.

-Anglophone lawyers are an endangered specie in Cameroon. Akere Muna. Barrister Akere muna  has been accused of ‘Intellectual implication’ in the Anglophone crisis by the Biya regime which has made any  opinion, expression and intellectual freedom by anglophone a crime in the West/central African Read on » » »

Breaking news!!! Cameroon: Dr Agbor Nkongho taken to the government commissioner . is getting confirmed reports that the president of the Anglophone Consortium currently been detained at the hight security prison kondegui Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho has been  taken to the ‘commissaire du gouvernement’ today Friday march 24.,according to security gaurds at the Yaounde based Read on » » »

Cameroon -Anglophone crisis :Invisible Ghost Terrorizes Bamenda Once Again

  Despite the heavy deployment of troops, Bamenda capital of the Northwest has been plunged into a ghost state, with shops, banks, inter-urban transport agencies, offices, restaurants, The streets of Bamenda were abandoned to the police today markets, taxis, “benskin” and neigbourhood provision stores Read on » » »

Cameroon:Case For Barrister Agbor Balla And Co Adjourned For April 27th 2017 Witnesses Fled For Their Safety

The case involving Barrister Agbor Balla NKongho, Mancho Bibixy and Dr Fontem Neba versus the State of Cameroon has been adjourned to Thursday, April 27, 2017 because of the absence of Prosecuting witnesses. The hearing that was to begin as early as 11 a.m Read on » » »

Cameroon:” I will not sleep….I will be more active on social media.”-Wirba

Honourable Joseph Wirba has told Southern Cameroonians world wild that they have to remain vigilant and smart in their strategies.In a statement informing the movement of his new official Facebook page and Twitter account, the no-nonsense Revolutionary leader said he is save. Wirba in Read on » » »

Cameroon:CLLs enroute to defend Anglophone leaders Yaounde severely beaten. is getting confirmed reports that a group of Common lawyers enroute to the nations capital yaounde to defend their colleague Bar Kongho Felix Agbor and anglophone leaders  at the military court  have been  severely beaten by forces on the regime. The Anglophone lawyer’s Read on » » »

Cameroon-video:Fundong market burned to ashes up for not obeying the ghost town

.   Please follow and like us:0 Read on » » »

Cameroon:Bar. Akéré Reacts to summons at the SED

Barister Akere Muna   “I have been flooded by calls and messages from many Cameroonians who seemed worried for my safety. I hereby state the facts, as I know them, to avoid any unfounded rumors. On Monday 20th March 2017 at around 15.00 hrs Read on » » »

Anglophone crisis-Cameroon to JAIL Bar. Akéré Muna

Barrister Akere T. Muna Barrister Akéré Muna may join Paul Ayah Abine, attorney general of the Supreme Court and leaders of the Cameroon civil society consortium in jail. According to a letter by the Lieutenant-Colonel who is the Head of the Central Judicial Research Read on » » »

American lawmakers speak out on Cameroon as lawyer’s trial looms

Two American lawmakers are the latest to raise their voices in concern over the escalating crisis in Cameroon and the impact on the Anglophone community. Representatives André Carson and Jackie Walorski — both from the U.S. state of Indiana, but with vastly different political Read on » » »

Breaking news!! Cameroon:Barrister Akere Muna summoned to appear at the SED yaounde

Akere Muna. The yaounde regime has summoned Barrister Akere Muna to appear at the  SED in yaounde tomorrow, a day before anglophone Consortium leaders go to court. Attached is the document summoning The lead lawyer of the Consortium leaders    Please follow and like Read on » » »

Cameroon :Mancho Bibixy seriously sick, girlfriend on the run.

  Mancho Bibixy after a failed arrest in Bamenda last December. The SCAR on his neck after the failed arrest is our big question.????   The girl friend / wife to be of Mancho Bibixy alias the coffin revolutionary leader Mrs Lum Saffi  missed Read on » » »

Cameroon-Anglophone Crisis:FruNdi mocks Philemon Yang’s follies

-Says the PM’s last outing in B’da only exposed him to ridicule and made him a subject of scorn By Nche Jude Mbah in Yaounde Fru Ndi Since the dawn of the crisis that hit the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon which resulted to Read on » » »

Cameroon :The AYAH Family NONESENSE reports the Supreme Court judge has been formaly charged.

In a statement made public on the 20th of March, 2017, the AYAH’s family rebuke newspaper reports the Supreme Court advocate General Justice Ayah Paul Abine has been formaly charged by the Biya’s regime. Aayah Paul. The family further to challenge any one with Read on » » »

The Union of Southern Cameroons Parents Teachers Associations has been created

COMMUNIQUE! Fellow Southern Cameroonians, Following an underground meeting held yesterday, Saturday March 18th, 2017 in Bamenda by members of the Southern Cameroons Parents Association, striking teachers and pro restoration PTAs leaders, a resolution was passed to create the Union of Southern Cameroons Parents Teachers Read on » » »


Fellow Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians), Finally the official Diaspora Trust-fund Bank Account for Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) is now available and we wish to thank you all for your efforts and patients. We are pleased to announce that Foley Hoag LLP “the Firm” has registered a Read on » » »

Cameroon :Biya’s henchman contacts consortium interim in the NAME of the Presidency

Cameroon Read on » » »


. “Dear Mark & Ivo! Mindful of the belated publication today of the Consortium plan; Given that the said plan advocates a return to a two-state federation which is in stark contradiction to the political goal of restoration of independence which I support; I Read on » » »

Cameroon-Ayah at Mfoudi court: “Like Consortium leaders, you Abducted me because am an Anglophone”

Justice AYAH Paul SPITS Fire at Closed Court Session " Read on » » »