Cameroon -Buea:SDO threatens to dethrone stubborn Fako Chiefs

Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Zang III.

Notorious for their ruthless suppression of the Monday ghost towns through unorthodox means, the colonial Senior Divisional Officer of Fako and the Mayor of the Buea Municipality have implored repressive and intimidation tactics to coerce citizens to participate in their 20th May activities.
Holding a meeting in Limbe, the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Zang III summoned traditional authorities under his jurisdiction and threatened to dethrone anyone ‘who does not produce up to one hundred (100) of his subjects for the march past on 20th May’. It should be noted that chieftaincies are not to be interfered with by any civil authorities.
A glance at this practice reveals that, just like in the days of slave trade, the Yaoundé regime is fortifying plans to completely destroy our traditional heritage by imposing their weak cultural systems where traditional rulers are hand-picked and given colonial ‘khaki’ to replace their rich leopard-skin regalia’. With such provocation, the people are incited to further protect their heritage against their colonizers.

By Moh Mbwam

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