Equatorial Guinea finally signs CEMAC free movement act

An official document revealed that Equatorial Guinea has decided, since October 17, 2017, to waive visa requirement for CEMAC countries’ citizens who hold valid passports.

Hence, there are now 5 countries (Chad, CAR, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea) which have officialized the implementation of the prescription about free-movement within CEMAC that the Heads of States of the six member countries enacted in 2013. Gabon and Equatorial Guinea resisted the prescription at first.

Only Cameroon, an economic powerhouse within CEMAC, has not yet officialized the measure but, the government indicated that they have already been applying the principle of reciprocity. Indeed, this principle means the removal of visa requirements for countries which waive visa requirements for Cameroon’s citizens.
Source:Business in Cameroon

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