The opposition is angry after what the head of state, Idriss Deby, declared on August 11 that he could not leave power in the current circumstances. The Chadian opposition Saleh Kebzabo the leader of the opposition in a press conference on august 15th denounced it and saying it is ” a declaration of war  “by Deby,download

Saleh Kebzabo

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary celebrations of Chad’s independence, Deby who has been head of state for 25 years, said he could not leave power because the country could plunge into instability. These words were immediately thought to be provocative by the opposition who feel it violates democratic principles. And another leader of the oppositon Brice Mbaimon believes that ‘in a democracy,alternation is key’.

While ,The president of the National Union for Democracy and Renewal (UNDR) and leader of the Chadian opposition  Saleh Kebzabo,says the opinion of President Déby is an admission of failure.

”  Deby has announced to everyone, he would never leave power because his regime has nothing has achieved for 25 years. Admission of failure disqualifies him permanently as a head of state, “said Saleh Kebzabo.

”  Contrary to the view of President Deby, the people of Chad does not want him or his family system. He declared that the only obstacle to the development and the unity of Chad, Deby is.but As long as we live in a regime of terror, no one would dare, for the moment, tell him publicly. Idriss Deby must step down and the country will immediately start rebuilding in unity, solidarity and peace, “added the president of the National Union for Democracy and Renewal (UNDR) Kebzabo Saleh, during a Press conference


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