In view of the arbitrary arrests, detentions, killings, maiming and the rape of Ambazonians:
In view of the use of systematic torture as a political weapon of oppression:
Considering the role of Cameroons Peoples Democratic Movement and its surrogates in identifying, causing to be arrested, tortured and raped of Ambazonian citizens:
Considering the suspension and blocking of Communications between ordinary Ambazonians
The Ambazonian Governing Council hereby declares the Cameroons Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM)
1 A fascist organization
2 A terrorist’s organization

The CPDM is here declared a threat to the territorial integrity of Ambazonia and a direct threat to the life and security of the Ambazonian people.
Every activity of the CPDM within the territory of Ambazonia is hereby banned. We do not have prisons so anybody spreading, distributing CPDM materials or putting on anything concerning the CPDM, shall be in breach of this order and shall be punished accordingly. The ban extends to both private or public buildings the Ambazonia.



The defense department of the Ambazonian Governing Council have shall ensure the enforcement of this order.

Office of the Leader, AGC

Kaavi M
Special Counsel and Deputy Defence Chief


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