Dr.Fred kemah invites Anglophpones to SUE Britain & France for supporting genocide in West Cameroon

Cameroonian born British Cardiologist Dr.Fred kemah has invited Cameroonians of the English descent worldwide to SUE Britain & France for supporting genocide in West Cameroon
The Renown medical Doctor with close ties to the queen of England and the British government who had warned President Paul Biya on the Marshall law been perpetuated in English speaking Cameroon has been very active in the struggle behind-the-scenes; making personal financial contributions to tens and tens of persons in West Cameroon currently facing persecution.

The Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Medicine, London, Uk with strong ties in Rome , vowes to push through with his personal contacts at Downing Street the Souther Cameroons struggle.Herein Dr. Fred’s full  message to West Cameroonians

Communication :

Fellow West Cameroonians, I am reiterating my stance that this STRUGGLE is an ALL ANGLOPHONE STRUGGLE FOR TOTAL INDEPENDENCE. And if we fall short of this, we could come to terms with the minimum essential. Have the right to manage our territories independently. Having said that, we must remind ourselves that we are totally deprived. So diplomacy and desobedience to the regime remains our weapons of choice at present. Therefore, I am taking the liberty of inviting our learned and able LAWYERS, SOLICITORS & BARRISTERS to look into the dynamics of our history. The plan is to SUE Britain inside Britain and France inside France and the EU. On the basis that France is indirectly supporting genocide in Cameroon and on the basis that Britain sold us to France. And we are being killed systematically. This will go viral here in Britain . Hence paving the way for our independence .

Please share with all our lawyers at home and in diaspora.

Brotherly yours.

Fred Perry Kemah

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