Ethiopian Orthodox Church In Seattle Set On Fire By Arsonists

Black churches have been targeted by white supremacists for decades

 Police are investigating a fire that appears to have been intentionally set at a church in South Seattle Tuesday morning.

A priest with the Ethiopian Orthodox church on Martin Luther King Way near Holly Street said the church’s fire alarm went off around 7:30 a.m. He investigated to find a scarf on their front door that was on fire. Flames then scorched part of the door and the exterior ceiling.

The priest said when they have services, they hang a scarf on that door to prevent it from locking so people can get in and out.

But no one else was at the church at the time of the fire, and there was no other damage.

The priest said the church has been there for years and has never had a problem.

Arson investigators are investigating the fire, but say at this point, they don’t believe the church was specifically targeted or that anyone was trying to burn the church down.

By: Lee Stoll

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