Exclusive :Radio message from DGSN banning Anglophone leaders from leaving Cameroon

The Delegate general for national security(DGSN) Martin braga Nguele



All border emigration chiefs commissioner of police received instructions  from Yaoundé on 20th of January, 2017 Banning all  Anglophone Civil Society leaders from leaving Cameroon.

In two radio messages to All  border posts chiefs  for  national security  of which alafnet.com has been leaked copies, The Delegate general for national security(DGSN) Martin braga Nguele on  20th of January, 2017 signed an order for all deputy delegate regional national security instructed all border delegate general of national security to execute and account on his radio message.

According to decision No. 000111 / dgsn / SG / dpf / s  ,Supreme Court advocate General Justice Ayah Paul Abine and Wirba Joseph -SDF MP were ordered to be arrested on January 20, 2017.The decision is signed  by Martin braga Nguele


In a second radio message No 00114 / DGSN / SG / dpf / s of the same date,the DGSN instructed for immediate implementation,order No 00012 / DGSN / SG / dpj / s and no00013 / DGSN / SG / dpj / s to all judicial police directors to forbid the following persons from leaving the National territory. Eyeah Emmanuel Ngam,Sangma James Arrey,Isaac Njie LYONGA, Nong Zih Anthony ,Tameh Valentine Nfon, Njie Isaac Mbake, Tata Simon Ngenge, Nzoh Divine Mbokeh, Mr Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla-lawyer Buea, Mr Mbah Eric -lawyer Bamenda, Mr Bobga Harmony Mbuton -lawyer Bamenda, Nzoh Mbokeh, Emilia Elvis Ebai-lawyer kumba, Mr Tassang Wilfred Fombang -Secretary General Cameroon teachers trade union( CATTU), Mr Troumbe Joseph Emilia espse Nganjoh-lawyer kumba.

Attached are copies of the two radio messages 
By Hillamn Muntang

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