French Ambassador To Cameroun Details West Cameroon Annexation








Yvon Omnes

This document below was Written by Yvon Omnes- the then French Ambassador to Cameroun and currently Special Adviser to President Paul Biya. This document is a sensitive and honest rendition of the various stages taken from 1966 to 1985 to assimilate Anglophones, by destroying the most visible tenets of Anglophone culture; the legal and education systems. It explains how Yaounde engineered the erosion of all Anglo-Saxon institutions, rendering their key political leaders irrelevant, ignoring all criticisms along. It paints a picture of how we left the Federal system to the united Republic and then the completion of the cycle in January 1984 with a return to the Republic of Cameroon. A real narrative of the various stages of the annexation of West Cameroon. This same document reminds us that the first ever call to a return to the Federal system was in 1979 by a body known as “the Cameroon Action Group”

In the face of all these and looking at the forces against them; Muna and Foncha wanted to fight, but feared for their lives and ended up saying; “Our Children will fight when the time comes”. Brethren, we are thus fulfilling our ancestral destiny; if we fail it means our children are being handed the assignment too. The difference is that our children might have had their minds reformatted completely by the time they really come of age. God forbid that we fail!!!

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