French Cameroon Newspaper demand’s balance of payment 4 blackmailing Ambazonian leader

Reperes Newspaper is reported to be requesting the remaining balance of payments from a Cameroonian member of government for job well done in publishing news which made headlines that the interim leader of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia governing council Mr Ayuk Julius Tabe hijacked 250 million FCFA from the National electricity company ( AES-Sonel),his former employer.

An investigation by the National Telegraph reveals that,
Reperes Newspaper Publisher received seven (7)Million FCFA in Cash to fake the”SONEL Story” on the Ambazonia interim President.

According to the National Telegraph ,It was a complete scene of hugger-mugger at the Biteng, Yaounde residence of the Minister, after unparalleled facts of an argument that occurred between the member of government  and the the Publisher of Reperes Newspaper. The Publisher was rather corrupted by the Minister,we are told.

The National Telegraph’s Editorialist adds that,  Reperes which was formerly owned by late Richard Touna had received over seven (7)million as advance to do the sabotage job and was expected to receive a balance of 2.1million and a Toyota Yaris.

It was only until Friday October 6, 2017 that the secret leaked after the Minister postponed the payment of the balance. It’s even alleged that the Minister refused paying the balance on the grounds that what the Publisher had received is enough.

Resulting to a confrontation between the Publisher and the negotiator of the sabotage deal, with each blaming the other of double-crossing.

Out of frustration Reperes publisher has warned the Minister of a rejoinder should his balance not be paid in full and within a week.

Last October 4, 2017,Repères reported that the former executive of the electricity company was allegedly sacked in 2006 for “gross negligence“. Ayuk Julius Tabe later moved to Nigeria, before returning to the United States .

At AES-Sonel where he worked for 12 years, the faked story continues that , he was one of the company’s first network administrators in the early 1990s, responsible for designing software for billing systems and customer relationship, human resources, bank reconciliation management and technical maintenance and evaluation. It is from this strategic post that he orchestrated “all possible manipulations“, said Reperes.

He subsequently went into exile in the United States of America with his accomplice, a certain Gordon, after having dug in the coffers of the company, about 250 million FCFA each,Reperes wrote.

The objective the Southern Cameroon leader and his group is the control of Cameroonian oil produced in Buea, main city of the Southwest, concludes the newspaper.

Following the story which now appears to be a sabotage, notes that Sissiku Ayuk Tabe Julius had dragged AES SONEL to court at the time for unlawful and arbitrary dismissal.
By Anja Terence .

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