French Cameroun plotted against Southern Cameroons,the Anglophone Problem has just two solutions-Ben Muna


In an interview granted by the Rambler Newspaper, Buea Cameroon, Barrister Bernard Acho Muna, son of the late statesman, S.T. Muna threw some thoughts after 55 years Unification with French Cameroun. In his words, he said French Cameroun plotted against Southern Cameroons and that the much talk Anglophone Problem has just two solutions.

The Unification dream was a dream of many Cameroonians which was championed right from the start by the KNC led by DR E. M. L. Endeley when we were still part of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. The KNC demand in 1953 was for separate Region for the Southern Cameroons and eventual Re-unification with the French Cameroons. After obtaining a separate region in 1954, Endeley later in 1956 changed his mind and opted for remaining within the Federation of Nigeria. Mr. John Ngu Foncha, Chief Victor Mukete, Solomon Tandeng Muna and many others finally regrouped in the KNDP led by Foncha to champion the cause for unification. At the time when African Unity was the dream of Patriotic Africans led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the unification of the two Cameroons was seen as the precursor of African Unity.



The question asked is what went wrong with the Unification dream. Actually, nothing went wrong except that we lost the Northern Cameroons to Nigeria. Unification actually took place to the satisfaction of the majority of Cameroonians, who had voted in favour of After the Plebiscite, things took a different turning beginning at the General Assembly of the United Nations, where France led the Francophone block to deny that the General Assembly specify in its resolution that Unification would be in the form of a Federation and that Southern Cameroons be provided with three experts to help in the negotiation between the Republic of Cameroon and the Southern Cameroons.

The right question to ask is what went wrong with the Federation that has left the former Southern Cameroons and her people so marginalised? The truth is that we just did not see it coming! We were not plotters but the other party were and they plotted and brought us to where we are today. Today, because of hindsight, most of us can now criticize and talk but it is just because we have the benefit of hindsight. I and my siblings are not trying to pick up where our father or whoever left. We are just Cameroonians who are concerned about the way our country is going. Every Cameroonian who cares should play his or her part in fighting for a better Cameroon.










Anglophone Problem:
The Anglophone problem has two possible solutions. The easier solution is for the Government to listen and re-install the Anglophone Regions and her people into their cultural, educational, legal and judicial rights, customs and traditions and a stop put to treating the former Southern Cameroons as a colony whose wealth is exploited to make the East Cameroon more developed. If this is not done, then the harder solution will come one day in the form of a revolution and fight for freedom to liberate the Southern Cameroons from oppression by their French speaking brothers.

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