From his hideout Tassang writes to Southern Cameroonians

Tassang Wilfred

” If Really You Are God Fearing And You Feel For Me And My Familly, And For My Brothers In Jail, Please My Brothers And Sisters Do Not Go Back To School, Do You Know What I Am Going Through?. Have I Your Leader Called Off The Strike? Answer Me. I Am Ready To Die For You, Please Don’t Be The Ones To Betray YOUR CHILDREN.” What would we have to show for two months of striking?
REMEMBER that neither the teachers nor the Consortium set out for what is happening now. All teachers’ unions wanted was better education and openings for our children, your children. Government has not satisfied even one of our grievances. No.
What about the Federalism that you, our people, imposed on us? Will you now abandon us even at the time that the international community is finally understanding our plight?
If you turn your backs on us now, then you have joined the government to call us terrorists, boko haram.
Please, our people, while I appeal with you to be gentle with my brothers for suspending the strike, I also BEG you in the name of God for the sake of these children we love and care for, RESPECT the Monday/Friday Ghost Towns, and 11th February boycott.
If we don’t dear people, then we would have out of fear, confirmed our children’s status as SLAVES.
Our people, COURAGE.
God is on our side
NESG CATTU, in hiding.

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