German Citizen C.H. Messner Tells West Cameroonians Victory is Close

Mr. Christoph Hans Messner,a German who is involved in the German resistance against the wrong way of New World Order,  has a strong interest in the fight for Ambazonia and has told  Southern Cameroonians that the current strikes in West Cameroon must continue. In an letter to Ambazonians world wide of which obtained a copy,  Christoph Messner who months ago published a  10 action plans for Ambazonias writes,

Christoph Hans Messner


The ghost town strike strategy is a wonderful and effective way of collective resistance against the occupation by the troops of an illegitimate dictator of the foreign country Cameroun, Mr. Biya.

These strikes must continue no matter what, because now is the time to get some real, substantial, longterm difference for your homeland. Of course closed schools and markets are very painful, but freedom does not come without sacrifices. Use the time to teach all those in the villages who have no internet that this time it is for real and a few hundred soldiers of Mr. Biya have no chance against 8 million determined Ambazonians.

The victory is close, but don’t participate in witchhunts and lynch mobs against the collaborateurs, because Ambazonia has to set a new standard for law, if she wants the full acknowledgement and admiration of all other free nations in the world. If law is law, then it applies to humans and inhumans likewise.

Even Biya should not go to hell but sent into quarantine or before court. So try to control the anger of the youth and behave hiding, so that the occupation military does not find ANY reason to interfer, until the Ambazonia diaspora and consortium have reached the international and strategic backup by protecting forces who will whistle Biya back and drop him finally for all times.”

Christoph Hans Messner holds a university degree in educational psychology and will publish a political book in German soon called “World Pyramid of Power? Strategic questions to the Political Resistance”.

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