Growing Anglophobia in Cameroun as Immigration Authorities Reject Passport Documents


Officers at the Yaoundé Immigration Centre have embarked on a policy to reject renewal applications of Anglophones who approach the immigration office to establish their Passport documents. Residents of the North West and South West Regions are denied the chance to renew their passports and are asked to ‘go do it in Bamenda’ .

As a victim to one of such denials, this reporter was sent back by a female police officer in charged of receiving applications for passport in Yaoundé . Before rejecting the application form, the three-star officer questioned why ‘he has left Bamenda to come and colonize them in Yaoundé’.

Before he was issued a CEMAC Passport, the applicant had to come back days later and filed another form in which he indicated that he was resident in Yaoundé.

The case of those in the diaspora is even lamentable. Apart from the extra cost incurred by the Anglophones who have to return to Cameroon to redo their passports, in a case in UK after filing compete ducummentations for renewal his file was rejected totally. Not even a CPDM baron who offered to help puss the application could be of help for as the elites puts it your name is on the list, that’s why you have been denied. Besides many of anglophones now stand the risk of staying much longer than envisaged to Cameroon for passport renewal , which has in a case known to this publication lead to the loss of job/other opportunities in their countries of residence. Unfortunately, no one is blamed for this injustice, where only those who lie about their residence finally obtain required identity document.

All because of the stigma now  attached to the anglophone region and historical facts.
By Thompson Zang


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