H.E Paul Biya Plans Impromptu Visit to West Cameroon

Photo president Biya




Reports says the president of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya will visit Bamenda the capital of the NorthWest region this Thursday 12 th of January,2017.

Though alafnet.com has  not been able independently verify the news,sources say during the visit,  Biya is planning to meet with the striking teachers and lawyers .He is expected to listen to the People’s demands in person.We are told Biya has been advised by French advisers currently in Yaounde to be very calm and ready to listen to whatever thing Anglophones bring forward during this visit.

The news already has been received with mixed feelings by many who argued that Buea should be the choiced venue going by the history of the West Cameroon. To them the idea of Bamenda creates another problem on its own.

Meanwhile those Anglophones detained in Kondengui Prison where released today morning on instructions from Quartier Generale.

Alafnet.com understands that not every family was happy to all the detained came out.The on lady lying down on the pic below didn’t find her son. Sources say her son my have been among the 8 missing. 

Photo – This morning at Bamenda governor’ s office woman crashes after discovering that her son is not amongst those released.

Recall that SDF’s Member of Parliament for the Mezam Central Constituency Hon Fobi Nchinda Simon together with some Barristers of the Law on Saturday 7th Jan. 2017, visited the anglophone youths arrested on the 8-9 December 2016 and taken to the junkyard of the colonial masters in Kondengui.







In a public press release, the MP said calls of distress from the young prisoners, motivated him to pay them a working visit, and what he discovered, was deplorable.

By Evangeline Sih




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