Out of every five weapons seized from boko haram,two are from a French manufacturer, claims the Chadian minister of Communication, though the ambassador of France in Cameroon denies this statistic. The French ambassador thinks much of the ammunition of the Islamic sect is from the Nigerian military, and the rest from “illegal trafficking in the region”, interesting to note that the ambassador does not refuse the idea of boko haram weapons labelling ‘made in France’. It is an open secret that France is the fourth arms exporter in the world and used the Libyan campaign to oust Gaddafi to sell her weapons most of which were Dropped by parachutes to the rebels and Gadafi fighters. Nicolas Sarkozy, who is an impatient man, without thinking twice hurried  to finish with his new enemy.The Libyan Guide,was supplied ‘rain’ of weapons which came in containers delivered by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates by plane to Benghazi and then by boat to Misrata city, held by the insurgents.sarkozy-politique-fiscale The French, Using a highly sophisticated system, with a small parachute that opened 200 meters from the ground extolling the French military who airdropped weapons in the Jebel Nefoussa, near the Tunisian border. These supplies range from mass rocket launchers, assault rifles, machine guns and anti-tank missiles. In a region renowned as an Islamic stronghold.These packages that fell from the sky were welcomed as a blessing, especially by Mounir el-Haidara, one of the most famous emirs Tunisian jihadism. Many of the weapons were diverted from their true destination, which is what the Frecnh ambassador of Cameron calls “illegal trafficking” to AQIM, Boko Haram and others. This uncontrolled distribution has caused many problems which include for instance  the French army now present in Mali, and the Chadian army in Cameroon confronted with trafficked French supplied machine guns. This tragic attitude of the French isn’t new. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had always been an excellent customer even during the embargo periods to the French arms industry. A few months after taking office in 1969, he bought 82 Dassault Mirage.


In the 80s, he bought the ground-air missile delivery Rattlesnake II and celebrities missile launchers from the french. Gadafi aquired more military weapons again in 2004 Gaddafi from the French at that time Sarkozy was interior minister.Sarkozy visited Tripoli in November 2005 before going to contest for the future presidential elections in France which he won. Kadhaf Ahm ed al-Dam, in an interview published by ‘the Express’ in September 2014 said ‘He (sakozy) came “to sell us weapons and surveillance equipment,” “When he left the airport I joined Muammar. We went out for a walk in the garden and he told me about Nicolas Sarkozy visit.

Kadhaf Ahm ed al-Dam was delighted dialogue with a future president, admired his enthusiasm, and ambition. As Libya was fighting to build a new political entity: the “United States of Africa” Muammar told me that we could never build an independent African power if we do not have excellent relations with France .He told me this: “We must help Sarkozy become president. We need a friend at the Elysee”. Little did he know that he was dealing with the devil himself. Gaddafi visited Paris with his Bedouin tent, after several years.This paved the way for  Michèle Alliot-Marie the then Defence Minister , to weapons to Gadafi which included Milan anti-tank missiles for 168 million euros and a secure communications network for its police Tetra 128 million. At the time of his fall, more than two billion euros were contracts under discussion, for the sale of helicopters, a system of air surveillance radar, battle tanks T-72, some of these weapons were destroyed by the Franco-British bombardment of 2011.But with no ground troops, it is very
unlikely that most of these Gadafi bought weapons including missiles Milan, have not fallen into Islamic hands.Today, Libya is plunged into a terrible chaos, The government had to plead to the United Nations to lift the arms embargo, these led to the delivery of 150 tanks, twenty fighters, seven attack helicopters, tens of thousands of assault rifles and rocket launchers, and millions of ammunition from Ukraine, Serbia and the Czech Republic.In March 9, the UN Security Council, at the initiative of France, Britain and the United States has put on hold its response to this request in the fight against Islamic State group. It is not impossible that these great powers, who must have learnt from the Syrian experience where weapons promised to the so-called moderate rebels fell into the hands of jihadists of IE, now think twice before delivering weapons in country with at least one million small arms without counting whatnot as ground-air missiles or chemical weapons warehouses. And that, the immediate borders of Europe. There is a feeling that Nicolas Sarkozy  is boiling with impatience to get back to business and will propose solutions to get Libya out of this quagmire; obviously, the usual cunning ways of the French, ends in disaster for Africans.

-This artice was published by on the 10th of agust 2015

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