How To Get Rid Of A Dictator: Ten Basic Steps By Eye Dr DeLengocky

1) Count only on oneself. Especially, do not believe that Westerners will fly to your rescue. Have the job done first, only then would they remember the universality of the famous “democratic principles”.

2) It is not necessary to have a providential man, he’ll often let you down and seize power at the earliest opportunity. Favor a revolution without a leader, no other face than that of the people. This has the merit to rally the military to attract the curiosity of international opinion.




3) It is necessary to choose carefully your demonstrators . Be sure to keep out the religious extremists , opportunistic politicians, rallied the last hour of the anarchists and destructive. In contrast, a youth who is not afraid of bullets and tear gas-date or not, is an indispensable asset. The female component is even more useful. It will add credit to your project, you rally a significant proportion of the population (women outnumber men in all countries except India), lower the level of potential violence, and occasionally a manifestation of women bare breast will give you some unforgettable photos.

4) Cultivate friendships on Facebook . Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of friends you need. This is the condition of success: the effect of bush fire that turns into a huge fire. Internet is your best friend and your strongest ally. The dictator, however well informed, do not yet know how to counter the web. Therefore, you must make sure your document revolution in smartphones capable of equipping you to film events or police repression.

5) Find a name that sounds good to your revolution. In the same vein, a good slogan is worth a thousand words. You must be original; this is the price at which your revolution stands and is publicized throughout the world.

6) Remember to return to the officers and soldiers . After all they are men like you, citizens and family men. Many newspapers have the same problems as you. They sometimes live the next street. So enjoy it to go knocking at their door at night, and convince them-if necessary-emphasizing joining the ranks of the rebellion. While some are reluctant, try with their children. The son of police officers may have accounts to settle with family and dad. They will be first on the barricades, throwing stones.




7) Your revolution must be exemplary in order to be exported. No large-scale looting: it is not in Greece. No use of human waste or animal: it is not in Great Britain in a student demonstration in anger. No systematic lynching: we are not in Pakistan.

8) Get a hand on the private address book of your dictator. He (usually) has a network of powerful friends from Europe, Africa or America: Presidents, ministers, businessmen, intellectuals and artists. He found it very few who have spent your holiday in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense.Moreover, these figures will be powerful in their country and the greater your cause of scandal revelations. The objective being to blame the big powers to get them to support you not to appear complicit. Incidentally, you’ll probably see some appreciation of the foreign ministers resign piteously, apologizing for having tasted tuna brigs in the private plane of a businessman close to the regime.




9) It’s time to think about blaming global finance . Your dictator is first a thief and bankers in the North are his accomplices. The money is somewhere in foreign coffers, it’s time to shout loudly and demand his return. You will, moreover, the immense pleasure of seeing wealthy bankers or executives accomplices to an act of contrition in public. With any luck, there will be a Swiss citizen to ask for forgiveness. Being magnanimous, does not necessarily require the head of your dictator, but simply its portfolio, which, after all, is just yours.

10) If God rested on the seventh day, there is no question for you to do the same. Once the dictator is on the run, the party is not necessarily complete. You still have much work to manage the transition and install a new power.


It’s not that complicated, but a revolution is a lengthy undertaking. Keep a cool head!


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