Humanitarian & Health Staff of W. Cameroon Origin in N. America & Europe heading to The Hague

Press Release
Dated: 01/19/2017
Mindful of the need for every West Cameroonian to contribute towards this struggle in Cameroon especially after the arrest of the West Cameroon Consortium President and Secretary Dr. Agbor Balla Nkongho and Dr. Neba Fontem, couple with todays arrest of Mancho Bibixy and that all West Cameroonians are members of the Consortium with Mr. Tapang Tanku and Mr. Mark Bareta at the head,
As West Cameroonian Humanitarian practitioners and Human Services Staffs of medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers and all others of the helping professions based in North America and Europe,
Mindful of our oath to ensure the mental and healthy wellbeing of all PEOPLE whereas astonishingly and contradictorily we have been eye witness to thirty four years of silent bloodshed in Cameroon, coupled with ongoing arrest, torture, killings and detention of English Cameroonians in East Cameroon jails.
Mindful of the fact that we have been informed by eye witnesses alongside pictorial images of a new wave of arrests under pretext of jailing and executing innocent heads of civil society organizations and of noble profession leaders like lawyers, teachers and heads of transporters as well as notables in Cameroon, all for the purpose of satisfying East Cameroon and France agenda of silencing vocal and intellectual English Cameroonians for Economic and political gains.
Mindful of the fact that we are aware and eye witnesses to the sophisticated ammunition’s donated by the international community including the U.N. USA and France to The Republic of Camerouns commander in chief of armed forces President Paul Biya for fight against Bokoharam, currently being misused to carryout Ninja militarized operations of war on his already marginalized minority people of the rich oil, timber, coffee and cocoa zones of English Cameroon, for selfish economic and political gains rather facing the Actual Enemies of our region who are Bokoharam Terrorists.
WE acting as concerned West Cameroonians by nationality of Origin and as Humanitarian Professionals in civilized societies of North America and Europe hereby have decided to send a delegation to Netherlands Hague INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE for one and only one reason of presenting and discussing this petition on Crimes against Humanity and to bring President Paul Biya, his Ministers and security officials for trial for crimes against humanity throughout his thirty four years of dictatorial leadership marked by arrests, inhuman torture and murder of thousands of citizens of Cameroon in general and west cameroonians in particular. This is the only way to stop further arrest and his ongoing planned genocide on the People of West Cameroon.
CC: The United Nations Secretary General
The World Health Organization
The African Union.
The British High Commissioner Cameroon
The United States Department In Charge of
Foreign Affairs.
Humanitarian and Health Professionals of West Cameroon Origin in N. America And Europe.
Contact: Dr. Nick Santos

PsyD. Msc.B. A Hons.Email: [email protected]

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