International Boundary Between French CameroUn & the Southern Cameroons at the MUNGO

The Southern Cameroons was given an international status in 1922 as a League of Nations Mandated Territory under British Administration. On January 9, 1931, the “Cameroons Boundary Commission” met in London under the supervision of the League of Nations . Administrators of the British Cameroons and those of French Cameroun landmarked the international boundary by building concrete cement pillar marks along the boundary: each landmark was the object of a specific topographic document which was co-signed by the Administrators of both countries. (See pictures attached belowI of International Boundary Between La Republique du CameroUn and the Southern Cameroons at the MUNGO )


My Comment: Under international law, La Republique du CameroUn cannot lay claim of the Southern Cameroons by virtue of this boundary because no treaty of union was signed by both parties as art 102 of the UN Charter provides. This illegality attracts the penalty in art 103 rendering any union non existent.

La Republique du CameroUn is a member of the AU and is therefore bound by the provisions of the Africa Union Constitutive Act. Art 4b of the said Act obliges member states to respect their boundaries inherited at independence. We all have seen above and on the attached pictures that La Republique’s boundary inherited at the time ofntheir independence (1960) ends at the MUNGO. If they now say that their boundary is at BAKASSI, they must brandish a Treaty of Union signed in 1961. Since no treaty exists, La Republique is currently in colonial occupation of the Southern Cameroons and they will have to pay for damages for hundreds of years to come.

Right now, we, the people of the Southern Cameroons MUST self-defend our territory. Even as we are yet to become UN member states, as a people with well defined international boundaries, we have such right to self defence as enshrined in art 51 of the UN Charter. So, yes, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ambazonia Agc Governing Council is right to do what he is doing – constituting an army to push out La Republique by force. We must protect homeland. You have the right backed by international law to arrest their colonial administrators and attack any of their military entities on our land because their forceful presence is an act of aggression which the law frowns at.

From past experiences, the UN unfortunately understands the language of war. They are a firefighting squad. They cannot come to the neighbourhood without a fire incident. They only come after a fire outbreak to put it out. It follows that, once we transform the situation to an international security crisis, then UN will be FORCED to stop playing diplomacy and say, ‘look, these guys are asking for a union treaty. Where is it?’ La Republique will be left as a confused kid who has been asked a High School Further Maths question!

WE MUST WIN THIS FIGHT. You can write this down.


From a federalist to a nationalist. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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