Is La République running out of money to sustain its troops in Southern Cameroons??


Reports says in most parts of Southern Cameroons the occupational force of La République du Cameroun have been reduced to beggars.

During the day they are seen begging from water to food .At night,they switch to kidnappers for the regime to bundle civilians from their homes to Yaoundé.

This actions coupled with numerous looting and breaking into people’s houses raises questions if la République is running out of money to sustain its troops in the Southern Cameroons.

According to sources gathered here and there, the army is seriously looting and arresting boys,girls and kids in trucks to unknown destinations .  They concluded each breaking into people’s by  stealing from them .

This behaviour has increased tremendously because the regime has cut off internet to hide out this ordeal from the rest of the world.but is currently complying images of some doors that were broken into at night. Some of the images are even bearing number plates of the army truck as they drove off in the dark in Bamenda .

Other reports says, the army is also making a desperate move to stop people from going to their farms  this  farming season, so they can die of hunger and get exterminated. Last weekend, Wum inhabitants were harassed and hindered from going to their farms.

The rain is expected next month and some farmers are still unable to farm because of an occupation and harassment by men in uniform who Bearly speak English.



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