Uk news outlet express uk says ISIS are posting their plan to Europe in their reporter on this we note that One ISIS supporter posted a map on Twitter, boasting the group will conquer Rome and thier supporters posted a series of mocked up messages online showing Rome in flames and the black flag of their group flying above the Vatican. One even posted a map showing the area the terror group was targeting, writing in French that its fighters will conquer Iran, Burma, Rome and even America. Another, going under the name Abu el Gandal Barkawi,
Tweeted to ISIS supporters to “go to Rome through Libya, the port for Rome”

He added: “The weapons of the Ottomans were launched and have surrounded Rome after conquering Libya to the south of Italy. Who wants to take Rome and Andalusia has to start from Libya.”
But many have described this is absolute rubbish you cannot or certainly believe all of this propaganda its pure paper scare mongering do you really think America would let these monkeys along with Isis take Europe this has been stopped they only want you to know what they want you to believe.
If ISIS do end up taking Libya, and they then finish the job started by Boko Haram by overrunning the whole of Nigeria, the rest of Africa will soon follow. Ahead of this will be a human exodus of biblical proportions as the remaining Libyans and the whole of African flee and overrun Europe. ISIS should have been taken wiped out when they first started their butchery. Irrespective of what happens to them now, ISIS will have left an indelible mark on world history because of their obscene desecration and destruction of this planet’s historic artefacts and cradle of civilisation sites. Sites that have stood for thousands of years, only to be wiped out by a cheap and nasty death cult whose intent it is to purge the earth of anything not associated with their stone-age philosophy. Our history books will forever condemn our weak-assed leaders for having done NOTHING to stop this.

Over a year ago information started appearing on the Internet warning of, at that time, a hard to contemplate global descent into chaos. Hard to contemplate because of the collapse of everything we’ve always regarded as ‘the norm’. Yet here we are just a year later and it’s going down all around us. One thing has triggered another, and then another, with the growing momentum of a pack of dominoes. America, the UK and the corrupt and criminally naive EU have been, and continue to be, distracted by Russia, putting ISIS on the ‘back burner’ which has allowed them to commit the level of atrocities that the Nazis started off doing in WW2 before they started ‘the final solution’. Pretty soon, if left to continue, they’ll overrun Saudi and grab the oil, then turn their attention to ‘decadent’ Dubai. It’s a comparative re-run of what Hitler faced – which direction do they go? Do they head to Europe to try to conquer it or try and sweep right across the Middle East first? My money would be on overrunning Saudi and grabbing the oil, because without oil the west’s military machine will grind to a halt. How much easier would THAT be for them when they eventually turned their attention to Europe?

But it’s not just ISIS. There’s a fully paid up megalomaniac in charge of North Korea whose lunatic tendencies could trigger WW3 at any moment. The man is TRULY mentally deranged. It beggars belief how the ‘cult’ of just one solitary man – and a madman at that – can subjugate an entire country.
And then you have the financial meltdown happening in China. THIS, more than anything else that’s currently happening, is the ‘big kahuna’. As well as the very negative impact it’s had on our stock market, it has hugely affected the American juggernaut and impacted their financial dominance as the world’s leading currency by hammering the dollar and their stock market. I don’t profess to have an understanding of these things but it all started when China devalued their currency, a move that upset the Americans. There has ‘allegedly’ been a lot going on in the background (?) but the end result is that it’s shown how very vulnerable the U.S. economy and its currency really is. And then in the middle of all this China mysteriously suffers an absolutely massive explosion at one of its facilities that levelled the entire area and left a huge crater in the ground. In the immediate aftermath of that, military helicopters in formation patrolled the skies over the city and China remained very tight lipped over the disaster. A week or so later they suffered another explosion at a different location. Silence from them again. Then a few days ago there was another large explosion – only this time it was America’s turn, with a big explosion at one of its military bases in nearby Japan. In all cases the lid has been tightly shut on the aftermath. Whilst I take on board what some posters on this blog have previously said about the lack of health & safety conditions in China, something appears to be going on under the radar that we aren’t yet aware of. At this point the jury’s out and it remains to be seen if anything further transpires between these two countries in the coming weeks.

This of course is playing out against a backdrop of Russia on the brink of further expansion into the Ukraine and with Europe literally under siege from illegal immigrants swarming in across the Med. We’ve all seen the alarming scenes in recent days where national borders have been overrun by thousands of illegal rampaging across open countryside, determined in their intent to inflict themselves on the charity of countries like Germany and the UK. Such are their vast numbers – seething inexorably towards us like a human tsunami – that it’s no longer a case of the bleeding heart liberals telling us we HAVE to offer them refuge – there is no way on God’s green earth that could happen because you’re talking about creating an infrastructure solely for them involving provision of multiple thousands of homes, thousands of school places, providing employment opportunities for thousands of people who can barely speak English (or none at all), not to mention health care. The illegals in France will pale into insignificance compared to what’s headed our way. And as for Germany, at the alarming rate the illegals are descending on them, Herr Merkel will soon be faced with major civil unrest on her streets that will spiral out of control very quickly. The German people’s tolerance is nearing saturation point, particularly when they’re seeing scenes on their TV screens of the illegals smashing up the complex set up to house them and attacking their police, and the human hide flooding towards them without end. Neither Merkel nor any of the corrupt cabal running the EU will make a move until their “rabbit in the headlight” approach erupts in their face and they’re FORCED to do something.

Such is the escalating chaos sweeping right across Europe, there’d be absolutely no point in Cameron buckling under pressure from Merkel and agreeing to take a quota of the illegals because they’re going to be followed by thousands and thousands more – and where will they go? Someone at some point has GOT to put a stop to this madness before full-scale violence breaks out right across Europe.
The ISIS reference to a “failed crusade” is rather curious. The only religious crusades for nearly a thousand years have been Muslim. Are they suggesting that their attempt to conquer Rome has failed before it even starts?

The EU is encouraging the illegal migrant trade by not sending them back. Many in the EU have joined forces with the United Nations they want total unrestricted open door immigration. Both taxpayer bureaucracies void of accountability have contempt for the public voice when it comes to immigration, which most Europeans oppose. Toni Abbot policy took into account what the vast majority of Australians because they live in a democracy.
Source express uk

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