ALAFNET.COM has learnt that Ivory Coast president Alassane Ouattara told 91years old Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, he could not hot him.

 Mugabe who was expected to make a speech at the  opening meeting of African Development Bank in Ivory Coast as current African Union Chairman said,”It is the only country in Africa that has denied us entry. So, why? Because Ouattara was imposed on Ivory Coast by France and France removed the president who was there to be tried under the International Criminal Court.Ouattara had fallen sick and He is in bed. He is in bed and so no clearance was given. mugabe

“That is what you get. So, when I tell the story to other presidents, ah why, because Mugabe is not wanted by France. He is a dangerous man. So we didn’t go, but AfDB is our bank.”

It is vital to note in this report that  Mugabe recently, refuse any responsibility for the country’s economic crisis, blaming instead sanctions imposed by the West to – in his view – force his ouster from power.

The US and the EU say the sanctions were imposed to try and stop gross human rights abuses and electoral fraud by the Harare regime.

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