Incompetence is defined as the inability of a man, or a structure or even of a system to be identified and consequently  solve  problems that arise.
For three and a half decades now, we have observed that the governing system is struggling to solve the many problems of extreme importance which are increasing acuity.
For instance,Let us take the basic aspects of our lives on a daily basis.
– when in a country where all the departments bear the name of at least one watercourse, majority of citizens lack drinking water;
– when in the same country, decent housing is a luxury,
-when massively imported rice is the basic national foodstuff;
-when the citizens of this country, a great producer of cotton, are dressed in thrift;
-when its school system produces graduates every year who are discharged into the streets to make ends meets;

-When the leaders of this country, in the face of the complaints, complaints and jeremiads of the people, become impatient after a few days of negotiations, and sends contingents of commandos against their citizens,
It is necessary to note that things are not moving and ask him to give power of the country to compatriots who are more inspired.
We hold the solutions to the problems in Cameroon
Within a very short-medium term as soon as we take power we will:
1- Set up regions, through elections
Establishing the Constitutional Council – The High Court of Justice – Appointing Councilors of the Economic and Social Council – Implementing Article 66 on the declaration of property. Establish the Public Service Council
2- create ten regional water companies.
3- create 10 regional real estate companies.
4- liberalize the energy sector.
5- create large regional balance.
6- create major agricultural development poles with crop specialization.
7- create large inter-regional distribution centers.
8- Specializing in teaching, drawing attention heavily on the English-speaking model
We invite volunteers to join the Pacific Alternation Working Group in Cameroon.
Our mail: [email protected]
Our Tel 699968129

culled facebook Boris Berlolt (translated by  Mua Derick for

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