LA REPUBLIC DU CAMEROUN DECLARES STATE OF EMERGENCY IN BAMENDA is getting reports that the CPDM regime of President Paul Biya will declare state of emergency in the North-West region in general in the coming hours.

Our source close to the military indicates that more than 15 trucks of gendarmes entered Bamenda late 8th of December 2016 and a contigent from Kotaba soldiers all French-speaking are on the way to the provincial headquarters of Bamenda.

The regime headed by 84 years old Biya in power for 34 years took the decision after a CPDM planned rally to lie to the world that all is fine in Anglophone Cameroon failed.

Already 4 civilians,including a teen who was standing infront of his family house have lost their lives after police shot live bullets at close rang.

There are reports of several injured, and indiscriminate tear gasing through out yesterday by forces of the regime.

Also the youths burnt the police station at meta quarters and almost brought down a military helicopter with a giant catalog held by three men. also gathered the Minister of special duty at the Presidency Atanga Nji cheated death,after his car was burnt at hospital roundabout.It was only thanks to a helicopter evacuation that he escaped.

Already Minister Nji has been blame for the current increase in violence after he said on radio on the 7th that he will personally instruction police to shoot, should anyone interrupt the meeting aimed at manipulating the world on the severity of the Anglophone problem at Congress Hall.Added to his previous comments about the Anglophone problem, the youths of Bamenda decided enough is enough and did all to stop the CPDM rally in Bamenda, which was a failure according to the population.



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