Mrs Zuma handsover to Chadian foreign minister.Will Southern Cameroons be given a fair hearing?

After a very close election for the chairperson of the AU commission, the former chairperson of the AU, Mrs ZUMA sees the end of her term. A traditional elections had to take place for a new chairperson. There were five contestants including:

Amina Mohamed, Kenya’s foreign minister,

Abdoulaye Bathily, Senegalese diplomat and academic,

Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chadian foreign minister,

Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, a veteran politician from Botswana,

Mba Mokuy, Served as a senior adviser to Equatorial Guinea’s President.

The finals was a tight one, with Moussa Faki beating Kenya’s Amina Mohamed by only three votes. The East Africans cry foul with claims of proof that France has succeeded to sway the elections their way, to get their puppet in. While waiting to see how true that is, the people of Southern Cameroons have started questioning if the AUC (African Union Commission) chairperson will give a helping hand to Southern Cameroons against la Republique du Cameroun

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