MTN marginalising the people of southern Cameroon

MTN a prominent South Africa brand is practicing imperialistic business practices in Africa by siding with the evil government of Cameroon run by a dictator in the name of Pual Biya (who has been in power for over 34yrs) to promote human rights abuses and marginalization of the people of Southern Cameroon by cutting Internet connections.

For the past 2 days the people of North West and South West Provinces who make up Southern Cameroon have been disconnected from the rest of the world through the shutdown of all internet connections to these people.
MTN has on record noted that they went into a contract with the government of Cameroon known for all its human rights abuses with the sole intention to make profits and not to bother about human lives.
What image or impression does MTN gives South Africa a democratic country coming from a history of abject marginalization of it’s people?
Why would a company like MTN show allegiance to a brutal dictator instead of protecting innocent and harmless citizens of Southern Cameroon?
Imagine for a second that the President and ruling government in South Africa orders MTN to completely shutdown two provinces in South Africa from all internet connections would MTN respect such an order?




It is very poor and unprofessional for MTN coming from a country known for its past history of marginalization and into democracy to go into dubious contracts with leaders of countries with no respect of human rights.
The people of Southern Cameroon are being killed, maimed, tortured, put in jails for no crime committed by the Cameroun government but instead of a company like MTN sympathizing with them, MTN decides to back the evil regime of Paul Biya.


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