Uganda army said they attacked invaders from south Sudan,who had camped 11km inside Ugandan territory at Ngomoromo and forced them to flee without a serious fight. The army said there was minimal fire exchange with the invaders.

Attempts by local leaders to convince the group of South Sudanese who infiltrated and claimed the area was thier teritory, to withdraw fell on deaf ears as they were reported to be arrogant,

There was no exchange of fire, no destruction of property, and the army just marched to the border and the invaders withdrew to their country.

The Sudanese who came in lorries, started slashing the place and put up makeshift huts according to eye witnesses.

This is not the first time they are claiming part of Uganda. Last year a similar incident happened and a meeting was arranged by Okello Oryem with the South Sudan ambassador. It was discovered that South Sudanese had entered 16km inside Uganda.
Because Uganda has no immigration control at the border.

It is reported that if immigration controls are not put in place the conflict will continue because the South Sudanese will continue to claim our land because they don’t think like Ugandans and are not educated, they don’t know law and order,and hardly know how to settle disputes a local said
Several appeals for the Ugandan government to put the check point at the border are going on especailly at the bordering towns.

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