Orders for the militarization of Cameroon’s Media Organs

According to inside sources from the Presidency of the Republic, freedom of press in Cameroon has taken an unprecedented military scrutiny under the direct supervision of the Director of Presidential Security, General Ivo Descancio Yenwo.

In close alliance with the power-hungry Martin Belinga Emboutou, the duo have mounted a strong shield around the president with the sole objective of filtering all sources of information reaching and leaving the presidency. As customary to the Biya centralized administration, they systematically appointed unaccredited media organs to cover events at the State House.

Patrick Tchoua, a close friend to Ivo Yenwo and Douala based reporter at ‘jeune detective’ press enjoys the privileged opportunity to cover all Presidential events even without presenting a professional press card as requested by the Ministry of Communication.


Other communication outlets like afropages.fr suggest that General Ivo and Belinga Emboutou have allied in a destructive contest to appear loyal before Chantal Biya, who would rather deal with the deputy Director of the Civil , Joseph LE.

The impact of their scheme can hardly be dissociated from the Internet blackouts in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon ordered by the totalitarian regime to further curtail freedom of expression.
By Alafnet news desk


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