Congo Brazzaville:Man demands 2.5 million to separate His unfaithful wife & a Senegalese glued together during love making



A Man is reported to have  demanded a sum of  2.5 million fcfa to separate His unfaithful wife who got stuck together during love making with a Senegalese in Pointe Noire -Congo Brazzaville.

According to the story by asking this sum of  money , he would have  been reimbursed the expenses of the dowry he paid for his wife.

He had heard gossips that his  wife was constantly seen sneaking into a hotel in  Mont Kamba district in Pointe-Noire with another man.So he made a charm and during one of those usual meetings in the same hotel ,his wife and the Senegalese stucked together.

The receptionist at the small hotel was alerted by the cries of the couple who had just taken a room for a little rest. When he breaks the door, he is surprised to see the two naked infidels glued in the bed.

The woman immediately confesses that the man can no longer remove his penis reasons he was screaming for help from the receptionist.

For more than two hours, the three tried to fine a solution in vain .A pastor in the neighborhood who was called in for reinforcement could  not help either.

Realising that she would never find a solution, the woman asked the receptionist to call her husband, who was in Brazzaville, to attend a funeral vigil.

Alerted, the husband asks to speak to his wife who out of shame refused at first  proposal before changing her mind. In a calm tone, the wife who regrets bitterly her infidelity,retraced their journey.


Their home had started  falling apart because business had been slowing down greatly for the husband due to the economic crisis in the oil sector in Pointe-Noire.

The husband then requested to speak to the his wife’s  lover to whom he spoke gently and politely. “My brother, I have no problem against you … Give just 2.5 million CFA and your problem will be solved  this minute”


The husband’s sister following the instructions of the lover boy, went to the  Senegalese’ sister,alerted her and collected  the required amount. Once the 2.5 million Fcfa were handed to the husband sister she confirmed to her Brother  (the husband ) , who then separated the two infidels .They eventually felt the hotel premises discreetly thanks to the goodwill of the receptionist, reported lolakayacongo.

The husband  who was still attending the funeral in Brazil ville, requested his sister to arrange for the departure of his unfaithful wife without alerting the family, and also to take care of his two children till her arrives Mont Kamba of Pointe Noire .

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