It’s 4 hours to 2017 and I have put together the most comprehensive prayers for Anglophone Cameroon for the new year.
Take a look and start praying. If not you then who? If not now then when?
Southern cameroon needs you!


– There are 25 cases in the bible where prayers and fasting have proved to be very effective and a mighty spiritual weapon to set a people free.

– Queen Esther and Modecai fasted three days and whole nation was set free.
Esther 4:16.
-Daniel saved a whole nation by prayers and fasting.Daniel 9:34
– In Jonah 3:8 , The city of Jonah was saved from destruction after three days of prayers and fastings.

– When God said pray for your enemies He didn’t imply you pray for your enemies to prosper,.
– In thesame light the command to pray for leaders is in no way implying we pray for their prosperity but for our rightful inheritance.

– Any man oppressing and marginalising his fellow man in this way must be under demonic and satanic influence.
We believe only prayer can truely set free!.

-We must take responsbility,stop the blame game and name callings and call upon the Almighty God for intervention.

– The blood of Splinkling and the annointing oil are massive devastating weapons against the enemy and will be used togther with prayer; poured in over 1000 locations in and around North West and South West from 2 January 2017.

Turning resolutions into prayer points.

1 – Father Thank you for your abundant grace and mercy on the Anglophone people of cameroon in Jesus Name.
Psalm 121:1-2

2- Father Thank you for the unprecedented and continuous growth and expansion of the Church in Anglophone Cameroon in Jesus Name. Mathew 16:18

3- Father Thank you for great peace, harmony, continuos progress and economic development of the Anglophone people in Jesus Name.
Psalm 75:6

1 – Father by the blood of Jesus, we degree total and complete liberation of all Anglophones from all forms of marginalisation in Jesus Name.
Revelation 11:12

2. Father by the Power of the Holy Ghost we degree a perfect Common law legal system for Anglophone Cameroon, by having her own law school to train lawyers,
a Common Law Bar; and Common Law Chamber at the Supreme Court;
Mathew 12:28

4. Father by the power of the Holy Ghost we ask for the ability to decide on our educational path and future which primarily favours technical education;
And a return of control of entry into professional schools back to the Universities and away from the Ministries of Higher Education;Job 22:28

5- Father in the name of Jesus we ask for Independent schools to train Anglophone administrators with particular focus on technical and science subjects.
And a separate Education Council to take care of Southern Cameroons education from kindergarten through University;
Mathew 7:7

6. Father by the wisdom of God we degree the completion of the ring road in Trunk A, and appointment of Anglophones to key positions in government and all parapublic and public corporations according to the quota of 25%. John 14:14

7 -Father by the blood of Jesus we decree a branch of all major government agencies and corporations in Anglophone Cameroon Namely BEAC, SCDP, and the contruction of a Trunk A road in the entrance to bamenda.
Revelation 12:11

8- Father in the name of Jesus we decree increase in salaries by 50%, and the return of all corporations and agencies that have been closed in English Cameroon since 1985 such as Marketing board POWERCAM, CAMEROON BANK, WADA
Mark 11:23

9- Father in the name of Jesus we drecree the construction of new enfrastucture in Bamenda; A thermal plant in Bamenda , a tractor assembly plant in Bamenda, the development and contruction of the menchum hydroelectric dam, and the Limbe deep sea port.

10- By the blood of Jesus we destroy all interferences of the devil and his cohorts working against the continuous political, economic and social growth of English Cameroon. Rev 12:11

11- Father in the name of Jesus we ask that from now on tax dues of all Companies and corporations located in English Speaking Cameroon be paid at the city councils of the cities in which the companies and corporations are located in Jesus Name. Psalm 2:8

12- Father in the name of Jesus, release your mighty angels to trouble all government authorities until all our demands are met in the name of Jesus.

– If my people shall humble themselves and pray I shall heal their land.
2 chronicles 7:14
– Prayer and fasting is the way to humble ourselves before God and secure his mighty Hand and intervention on any matter.

– If God be for us who can be against us.
Let everyone in NW and SW call urgently on God for intervention!.If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?. It is time for change! Let’s cry out to God for help.Judges 20:26.

By Prophet David Ngha

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