Re- Foumban 55 years after:In Bamenda Out of the 18 points on table by teachers union only 8 scrutinized ,Meeting Adjourned to Friday

The adhoc committee meeting  Yesterday at the Governor’s office in Bamenda which was  so far characterized by respect and frankness  ended late Thursday with just 8 of the 18 points tabled by the teachers Trade Union Leaders effectively discussed. Some have been promised solutions as early as Monday the 16th of January while others are to be changed by Parliament or the President of the Republic of Cameroun Mr Paul Biya .

The resistance from the government bench specially from Fame Ndongo  during the meeting was less than expected. But it came because the government  have tasted the anglophone resistance for months now. .

The population too was a problem because whenever the leaders come out to concert on an issue, they receive threats like” we know you people have eaten soya. If you dare declare that schools should start then will treat you as traitors”.The meeting was Adjourned to Friday 9 am.

Meanwhile, after a surprise escort to his home as meeting ends late at night in deadlock,Tassang confirmed that there is no way the strike could end because the peoples don’t want it to end. He adds that the peoples have their own grievances that must be solved and not only that of lawyers or teachers. has gathered that among the 8 points discussed are ;

  1. The acceptance of religious studies as a subject for employment. Accepted.
  2. The released of the detainees. As soon as before Monday. But here there was a problem because some youths that were arrested in wum for quite a different alleged crime were also added to the list of the initial 14.
  3. Federation to be tabled to parliament and the nature of this federation is still to be determined.
  4. But it was raised as a very strong point that it is only federation that can preserve the Anglo-Saxon identity.
  5. Criteria for admission into our universities were also adopted as tabled.
  6. Hon. Fobi Nchinda’s list of detainees was adopted.
  7.  A call for any family member whose child’s name is not on that list to come up immediately.
  8. The reployment of teachers who can’t teach in the English schools both secondary and higher education to be done between now and march.


Observers have warned that this meeting in Bamenda will not be different from the Foumban constitutional conference where Ahmadou Ahidjo accepted everything and when all the powers were with him,president Ahidjo took decisions without John Ngu Foncha’s concern resulting to 55 years of anglophone slavery in Cameroon . Can this be a Re-foumban happening in Bamenda now?

By Evangeline Sih

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