French Cameroon born Prof. Aboya applauds Biya’s declaration of war on Ambazonia

French Cameroon born Prof. Manassé Aboya has applauded president paul Biya for declaring war in the two English-speaking regions of the country .

Manasseh Aboya

According to him,  Biya has the full right to use arms against his own people .

Manasseh Aboya condemns the attitude of some Cameroonian politicians who in his opinion “wish the worst can happen in Cameroon.”

Professor Manassé Aboya Endong applauds Paul Biya’s declaration of war  in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon. The political scientist who was speaking  on December 3, 2017 during the Canal Presse show thinks it was important for the country to respond to the attacks that its defense and security forces have suffered these days. “This is barbarism. In barbarism we must oppose the strength of the state. And we are in an extremely catastrophic situation for the stability of our country which is already weakened in various fronts, “he explains.

Manassé Aboya believes that Cameroon is facing attackers who have launched  war on the country. “But contrary to what people think the president said  it is  now clear  that on one side it is not the English-speaking population who are killing the our forces  . It is the Southerns Cameroon Ambazonia consortium front (scacuf) which constitute a military force. We are in an open war between two opposing entities. That is to say between a republican army and an army of insurgents who now parade in military uniform. And from this it is clear the head of state can not be prevented  from taking consequent measures? “Continues the intellectual. Who is disappointed by the attitude of politicians.

“It’s a declaration of war that should mobilize all politicians. I am surprised because for instance  When there was the Paris bombings you saw all the political class mobilizing behind their president to fight a danger threatening the stability of the state, which threatens the pride of France. I am surprised that both of them have political calculations that the worst can happen in Cameroon because it is a president who is there. It is an important  moment, so  all those who love Cameroon, should show it through a mobilization against a declared enemy of Cameroon. It is not a political problem. It’s about the survival of the Republic. People will put their political ambitions first”.The former teacher of the universities of Douala and Dschang denounces “an extremely serious political drift that indicates that political culture has done the trick.”

*This story was first reported by Cameroon info. Net

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