An extra ordinary summit of CEMAC Heads of States  summoned by President Paul Biya this Friday 23th December 2016 in Yaounde has ended with 21 resolutions of which has attached a copy  below:

Resolution 1: No Re-adjustment of the current currency parity.
Resolution 2: Adoption of measures to reverse the negative trends in the economy of the Sub-Region.
Resolution 3: Implementation of infrastructure to promote sustainable development for the benefit of the population.
Resolution 4: Attachment to community solidarity in the face of current and future economic and security shocks.
Resolution 5: Freeze limits on the statutory advances of the BEAC to the level set in 2014.
Resolution 6: Strengthening the supervision of the banking system and optimal use of monetary instruments.
Resolution 7: Engage BEAC in the adoption of measures to promote migration to finance by capital markets.
Resolution 8: Strictly pursue budget adjustments needed to balance public finances.
Resolution 9: Conduct targeted budgetary policies while preserving social gains.
Resolution 10: Gradually restore the balance of  the state budget to below 3% in less than 5 years.
Resolution 11: Privilege concessional financing and promote public-private partnerships.
Resolution 12: Welcomes the sound advice and technical assistance of development partners.
Resolution 13: Open and conclude bilateral negotiations with the IMF to structure an exit from the crisis.
Resolution 14: Solicitation each country for Strengthening more flexible international cooperation.
Resolution 15: Recourse to multilateral partners for the strengthening of the balance of payments and the continuation of projects.




Resolution 16: Finalizating of the free movement of people and goods and implementation of security projects.
Resolution 17: Promotion of wealth-generating activity, mobilization of internal tax revenues in the CEMAC zone.
Resolution 18: Strengthening international tax cooperation, Combating fraud, tax evasion and optimization.
Resolution 19: Diversification of the economy by making it less vulnerable and competitive in the face of trade liberalization.
Resolution 20: Follow-up measures taken at the Extraordinary Summit by the Program for Economic and Financial Reforms.
Resolution 21: Regular ministerial-level meetings for monitoring and evaluation of remedial measures.








French copy reads:

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