The Rt Hon Nfon Victor E. Mukete

The Rt Hon Nfon Victor Mukete who is the moral leader of Cameroun Parliament has resigned. Nothing can be more devastating than this to the Yaounde regime and its illegal President paul Biya .

According to the Ambazonian Government Ordinance titled United Nations Bakassi Accord (implementation) Ordinance Ambazonians who resign from the Yaounde evil regime automatically become Members of Ambazonian Parliament for life.
And so the Rt Hon Nfon Victor E. Mukete is now the President of Ambazonia’s House of Chiefs for life.

History recalls that this moral leader of Cameroun Parliament was the very first Cameroon graduate from UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge. He was the first Ambazonian to be Nigeria’s Federal Minister of Information; the first indigenous Chairman of our Ago-industrial complex Cameroon Development Corporation. He met it and left it a very profitable venture.

International law recognizes Ambazonia as a sovereign buffer nation State between Nigeria and Cameroon; and that is why the United Nations sent its surveyors to retrace and built huge pillars along the international boundary lines separating Ambazonia from both Nigeria and Cameroun.

All this is the work of God who kick started this Ambazonian Revolt by making illegal president Biya enact restoration law 84/01 dissolving the union of our two countries; and thus restored them as mutually sovereign and independent again of each other as they were before that 1st October 1960 illegal ill-fated and much troubled merger which was first called Federal Republic of Cameroon and later called United Republic of Cameroon.

I end by reminding Ambazonians that 11th February 1961 on which we voted to preserve our sovereignty or defense and security services; our own currency etc. etc. has this year been declared a day of mourning for all to stay home and mourn for our decades of French subjugation and for the death of those whom illegal Biya has recently imprisoned, tortured, maimed and killed & buried in mass graves.

Beloved Ambazonians and children of God, remember that God’s time is the best. The time may be delayed and the manner uncertain but the Lord God will set Ambazonia Free in His usually mysterious ways, and in the fullness of His time.

God bless Ambazonia
Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka

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