Southern Cameroon Defense Force has been created

The Independent people of former British Cameroon have created a defence force. understands the goal of the Southern Cameroon Defenses Forces would be to: ” train, sensitize young people to the creation of an armed front, to fight law enforcement forces in the Northwest and South-West regions ”

The force which is neither an extremist nor a rebellion group is an army meant protect the lives and properties and mentain national peace within Southern Cameroon.Southern Cameroon since indepedence in 1961 has been without an army if its own.Even its west Cameroon police force was disappeared.

Nsoh Foncha Nkem,declared himself Chief of Defense Staff of Southern Cameroon in an live video that has gone viral.

Nsoh Foncha Nkem

Observers have welcomed the move which is a necessity as the people of Southern Cameroons journey towards the restoration of their statehood .


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