Southern Cameroonians in Dublin protest against Biya’s oppression in the NW & SW regions

photo of protesters in Dublin

More than one hundred Cameroonians of English decent residence in Ireland on Saturday 17th of December,2016, took part in a more than one hour protest march which started infront of the Irish Parliament to the GPO under police supervision.

The protesters who were wearing Southern Cameroons(Ireland chapter) T-shirt sang songs of freedom as they marched along the streets of Dublin demonstrating against Biya’s excessive use of force on English speaking Cameroonians.They were carrying plagcards and images depicting the current police brutality in Buea and Bamenda.




The protest ended with speeches from some sons and daughters of former English speaking Cameroon who frowned at the gross human right violation perpetuated by the government recently and over the more than 50 years of” false marriage “as they put it . They added that Southern Cameroonians which is currently marginalized by La Republique du Cameroun, will stop at nothing but total independence.Below is a video of the 2nd  protest march of 17th of December by Southern Cameroonians in Dublin also understands that the Dublin population were schooled on the Anglophone problem in Cameroon,the current crisis with the aid of gromsome photographic evidences.




This is the second protest march by Southern Cameroonians in Ireland in the last two weeks. On the 2nd of December,2016 the indigens of former West Cameroon presented a memorandum at the British embassy during the peaceful demonstration infront of the former colonial master’s embassy in Dublin.According to the protesters Britian too has to be blamed for the present day Anglophone problem.
At the time if this report gathered the protesters say 52 years of slavery is enough,are planning a next protest .We told that since Cameroon has no embassy in Ireland, the UN office in Dublin,French and Uk embassies will be their next target in the coming days.They also note that face one (UK embassy) and two(Street protest) of the their protest have been very successful.
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By Zum Bertha

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