Southern Cameroons might not need the Internet services from La Republique du Cameroun according to recent findings by Ambazonia born Tatah Mbang Nfor Mishe Fon, the Matrufon of Alamatu.

He made his findings public after meeting a Lawyer specialized in Telecom cases in the United States of America.

Tatah Mbang Nfor says “It turns out (while explaining our case to a prominent DC Lawyer specialized in Telecom cases), that the monopoly enjoyed by CAMTEL and executed by the enforcement Agency ART (Agence de Regulation de Telecommunications)may not even have binding mechanisms. This simply means a new Internet Service Provider can be contracted to supply the two English-speaking regions with VSAT Solutions, Wireless (even Fiber Optic) IP Convergence, Hybrid Networks, Voice and even VOIP, IPBX, Video Conferencing, Cloud Computing, Systems Integration and much more…without having any authorization from the Biya’s Government of La République .

What this means again, and simply put is that, La Republique can stay with its Internet. There are many young up and coming entrepreneurial Telecom starters who may be willing to take up this challenge. ”


He continues that,”Before la République even cut off the Internet in Anglophone Cameroon thing, you could not even download “stuff” from certain (most actually) web pages, Youtube, Facebook, Google and much more. It was a miracle if you succeeded in doing anything in record time using these dysfunctional Internet Services of La République whose Providers secretly connived with the government to cut off Internet Services to the good people of North West and South West regions for the past almost four months and counting, thereby paralyzing (in terrorizing) businesses (Banking, Monetary transfers), Education, Communications. The entire system dependent on the Internet these days for virtually everything.These companies which have taken sights with the government include ;ADSNET,Alink Telecom,CREOLINK,CAMEROON,DANTECH,ICCNET ICCNET,MEGAHERTZ,MTN CAMEROON,ORANGE TELECOM, ONE WORLD CONNECT”

Meanwhile, The following African Tech Companies are ready to play ball with the leaders of the Southern Cameroons struggle :AFRICA ONLINE,GLOBE INTERNET,DART COMMUNICATIONS,I-WAY AFRICA,EASY IT,GATEWAY ONLINE,GLOBAL DATA SOLUTIONS,ARTEL COMMUNICATIONS.

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