S. Cameroons restoration : “We are Not Secessionist”-AyukTabe Julius

The President of the Interim ambazonia Government AyukTabe Julius has clearly articulated the Case of Ambazonia Liberation.

” We are Not Secessionist, he said, we seeking to Restore our independence. I can’t stop Citizens of Southern Cameroons from defending themselves in the face of Aggression. Its unfortunate Mr.Biya doesn’t understand this because he doesn’t want to. Julius Tabe was talking this morning over BBC africa during which he explained the carnage that the Biya military is carrying in his Ewelle village in the Manyu county.

In another news ,the Ambazonia Interim Government has denied any link to Biafra Youth.In communique signed by it’s communication Secretary,Chris Anu 7th of December 2017 which was a response to a report from Guardian Post newspaper No. 1313 of Thursday December 7, 2017.It reads

“<strong>Biafra youth form alliance with Anglophone secessionists”


The attention of the Interim Gov’t of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has been drawn to a fabricated cover story in The Guardian Post newspaper No. 1313 of Thursday December 7, 2017

The story, titled “Biafra youth form alliance with Anglophone secessionists,” which is essentially an advertorial paid for by the Cameroun Gov’t, is a frame-up meant to discredit the Ambazonia Interim Gov’t and to smear relations with the Federal Gov’t of Nigeria which is home to thousands of refugees fleeing genocide, arrest and torture by Cameroun troops. The Guardian Post story states that the IG is forming an alliance with a group of Nigerians to fight the Gov’t of Cameroun. That is not true.

We note that the Republic of Cameroun first began circulating this narrative on social media before sponsoring the Guardian Post to run the story. The Post did not care to verify the story, nor did it care to corroborate their facts with the IG since it was a hit job.

The Interim Gov’t renounces the story and any form of relationship as reported therein with any group or groups in any part of Nigeria. The Guardian Post will do well to begin practicing real journalism instead of ‘jumbo’ and sensational reports that leave the publication without integrity. What the Guardian Post has published is a disservice and a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

The IG of Ambazonia has made it clear time and again that Ambazonia is neither a secessionist nor separatist movement or Gov’t. It is a restorationist Gov’t. Ambazonians are neither seceding nor separating because nothing, nothing bound us before with the Republic of Cameroun. If the Republic of Cameroun thinks there is, then the burden is theirs to prove.

Let it be made known in no uncertain terms that when it comes to defending our country, the IG needs no alliances to do so. Should Paul Biya and his gov’t take us down that route, Ambazonians can rest assured that we will be well able to defend our land without depending on any foreign alliances or groups.”

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