Southern Cameroons: Timber protest rocks Nguti

The people of Nguti Sub division in Meme have upgraded the Southern Cameroons strike action plan into another level. Reports say the inhabitants have blocked all roads leading to the forest were timber is being exploited and taken to Nguti town for processing and identification.

The protesters have also revealed the dubious nature of the timber business that has been going on in their Sub constituency. It is now known that during the identification process, unscrupulous Francophone bosses often write on the woods that they were harvested from a forest in Kribi or Douala.

A local resident of the area who spoke to our undercover reporter observed that, the local traditional authorities had questioned the reason behind the labeling of Nguti timber as coming from Kribi and Douala but met with a stone wall.

Our Nguti informant also noted that the timber companies operating deep within the Sub Division all pay their taxes to the Douala treasury and the Nguti people have no benefit from the cooperate social responsibilities of these companies except the Francophone Divisional Officers. At the time of filing this report, one of the leaders of the protest hinted that only the Consortium will give protesters directives on how to manage the present situation.

Source:Cameroon intelligence report

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