Sudanese envoy delivers tidings to Sadc Chair

President Mugabe meets Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour at State House in Harare yesterday

President Mugabe meets Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour at State House in Harare yesterday

A special envoy from Sudan president Omar al-Bashir yesterday delivered a letter to President Mugabe.

Khartoum’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour presented the letter to President Mugabe, who is also the chairman of the African Union, at State House yesterday afternoon.

“I came with a message from President Omar Al Bashir, the President of the Republic of Sudan to His Excellency President Mugabe, chairman of the African Union and President of a sister republic of Zimbabwe concerning bilateral relations, regional and international issues particularly at this important time at the history of our continent.

“It pertains to the peace and security in Africa and peace and security in our region. As you know President Mugabe is the chairman of the African Union, so he is the current father of the continent that is why I brought the message,” he said.

Ambassador Ghandour said Sudan was now peaceful, for the first time since independence 1956, after the recent conduct of elections in the country.

Meanwhile, ambassadors of Zambia and Malawi also visited State House to bid farewell to President Mugabe following the end of their respective tours of duty.

The ambassador of Zambia to Zimbabwe Mrs Ndiyoi Mutiti said she had had a “wonderful time” in Zimbabwe where she enjoyed support from the political leadership and the business community.

“My tour of duty was fulfilling and I’m grateful to President Mugabe for the support that he gave me to further enhance the relations between our countries.

“I facilitated a lot of business between Zimbabwe and Zambia and there are now many Zimbabwean business people in Zambia and I facilitated their smooth entry into the country,” she said.

Ambassador Mutiti said the similarities in culture between Zimbabwe and Zambia made her work of furthering bilateral relations easy.

She predicted a boom in the fortunes of Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe has immense potential, abundant resources and a strong workforce,” she said.

Ambassador Mutiti is due to be posted to Japan.

Outgoing Malawian ambassador Jane Kambalame said she had a “wonderful and rewarding experience” in Zimbabwe.

She said she was happy to leave diplomatic relations stronger between Zimbabwe and Malawi.

“I am leaving at a time when our relations are strong. Remember we worked together in the Sadc Troika and I also commended President Mugabe for being the chairman of Sadc and the African Union.

“Zimbabwe will move forward and as Malawi we want to move with you and support you all the way,” said Ambassador Kambalame had spent nearly three years in Harare.

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