Ben Muna defies Cameroon Gov’t:Federation is the Best Form of Decentralization

Ben Muna Presidential candidate of the 2011 elections, Bernard Muna has outrightly declared that “the best form of decentralization in Cameroon is a federation”. He made this statement in a live televised interview, granted to […]

Cameroon-Bishiops summons :”Who’re these Colonels?Legally this suit has no wings & won’t fly”-Akere Muna

Barrister Akere Muna   Internationally Renowned Anglophone born Barrister Akéré Muna has reacted to information that the  Bamenda Court of First Instance in the North West Region of Cameroon has summoned His Grace Arch Bishop Cornelius Fontem […]

Cameroon Anglophone Crisis:”Abuses are not only alarming, but pathetic”-Rights Group

A Human Rights Group based in West Cameroon, monitoring and reporting on the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon which started some 6 months ago has described the situation of Human Rights abuses in the two […]

Cameroon:Transparency International Reacts to Akere Muna summons

Cameroon: Transparency International Is Concerned At Crackdown On Free Speech in Cameroon. PRESS RELEASE Berlin — Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, expressed concern about the government’s recent crackdown on civil society in Cameroon and […]

Cameroon :Lawyers assaulted and BBC journalist arrested at military tribunal in Yaounde

Reports says Lawyers have been assaulted and interrupted in the middle of a press conference and a BBC journalist Randy Joe Sa’a arrested,all his apparels taken at military tribunal. According to military personel alleged to […]

French Cameroun plotted against Southern Cameroons,the Anglophone Problem has just two solutions-Ben Muna

BEN MUNA In an interview granted by the Rambler Newspaper, Buea Cameroon, Barrister Bernard Acho Muna, son of the late statesman, S.T. Muna threw some thoughts after 55 years Unification with French Cameroun. In his […]