Ben Muna defies Cameroon Gov’t:Federation is the Best Form of Decentralization

Ben Muna Presidential candidate of the 2011 elections, Bernard Muna has outrightly declared that “the best form of decentralization in Cameroon is a federation”. He made this statement in a live televised interview, granted to […]

The Ultimate Trial:Will the People’s Representatives in La Republique du Cameroun’s Parliament walk out?

Hon Wirba Joseph of the SDF.       Every Southern Cameroonian has not been indifferent to the quest for self-determination that has recently kept Biya’s government on it’s heels. From initial denial through abductions […]

Cameroon:Transparency International Reacts to Akere Muna summons

Cameroon: Transparency International Is Concerned At Crackdown On Free Speech in Cameroon. PRESS RELEASE Berlin — Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, expressed concern about the government’s recent crackdown on civil society in Cameroon and […]


Boris Bertolt Chers frères anglophones, la sécession n’aura pas lieu. C’est un projet politique illusoire, démagogique et à la limite insensé. Croyez-moi, si un mouvement armé venait à naître en affichant cette ambition, c’est un […]

Cameroon:BESSI Women in BATIBO refuse free women’s day fabrics from Minister MBAH ACHA ROSE

Minister Mbah Acha Women in BESSI in BATIBO Sub-division, Northwest Region have reportedly refused free women’s day fabrics from Madame Mbah Acha Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Control. Eric […]

Cameroon :More than 500 armed policemen & gendarmes surround Hon. Nintcheu’s residence ready to trigger.

 Hon. Jean Nintcheu is getting confirmed reports that the home of the Regional President for the Littoral wing of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu  has been surrounded  since 4 am this Saturday […]

Cameroun: journée ville morte dans les régions anglophones

video:La ville de Ndop departement de Ngoketunjia regione de NW le 10-02-2017   Le malaise persiste dans les deux régions anglophones du Cameroun, à l’ouest du pays, où la minorité linguistique se dit marginalisée. Les contestataires […]

Cameroon :Military Arrest Anglophone Youths Browsing Using signals from neighbouring Western Region.

Gendarmes arrest in Buea. In West Cameroon where citizens have been on internet blackout by the regime for three weeks now,browning using internet signals from neighbouring regions of the same country is now a crime, […]

Southern Cameroonian teen wins google hacking contest

Collins Nji This West Cameroonian Kid is the First African to Win Google Hacking Competition With the crippling Internet shutdown which occurred in the English Cameroons for some weeks now; Collins Nji a 17 year-old […]